Rajesh Khanna, the TV star

Rajesh Khanna, the TV star

His co-stars in the soap Apne Paraye recall their memories of the superstar

Think Rajesh Khanna and you think of his movies, but the actor had also starred in quite a few television serials. One such soap was Apne Paraye. Vikas Bhalla, who played the superstar’s son in the show, says working with Rajesh was a memorable experience. “I have extremely fond memories of him. I not only worked with him but also knew him socially. Rajesh Khanna was one of my favourite actors. Acting with him was like a dream come true. He was a superstar yet very down to earth. There cannot be another superstar like him. His films like Aradhana, Amar Prem, Aap Ki Kasam, Roti and Safar are all time classics.”

Munisha Khatwani who starred with Rajesh in the same show echoes Vikas’s sentiments. “I played his daughter in Apne Paraye. He had told me I remind him of his younger daughter which really made me feel good. I used to call him Kaka uncle. He was a superstar in the true sense of the word. I loved his classic films especially the romantic ones like Mehboob Ki Mehendi and Aradhana. My mother also loves his films. He will live via his films forever. He will be missed forever.”Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • subhash kumar

    I miss you kaka aap jaish koi nahi aradhana my best flim

  • nitamodi

    I miss you kaka aap jaish koi nahi aradhana my best flim

  • swastik

    we miss u kaka..& U also alive in INDIANS HEART

  • ema

    i miss u Rajesh Khanna:

  • V Manohar

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    Now the whole world has come to know the real and true Super Star Rajesh Khanna of Indian Cinema. No actor can even match that Talent. My Salute to the one and only King of Romance. Even though there were few good actors from Bollywood. Now thinking back. We truly feel no one had the edge like Rajesh Khanna. May God bless his soul. He is true and complete actor. It seems acting comes naturally for him. Such a rare talent.

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