Rajesh Khanna’s last film to finally release

Rajesh Khanna’s last film to finally release

The late superstar’s film Riyasat will release on his 70th birth anniversary eve on December 28. Also, his last letter will be opened on that day

Veteran actor Rajesh Khanna‘s last film Riyasat, which he shot for before he passed away on July 18, will release in theatres on December 28, a day before his 70th birth anniversary, director Ashok Tyagi says. The late superstar has a prominent role in the movie. It is almost ready, but Tyagi wants to release the film on Khanna’s birth anniversary. “We can release the film at any time, but we want to release it on December 29. Since it is a Saturday, we will be releasing it on Dec 28, just a day before Kakaji’s (Khanna) birth anniversary,” said Tyagi.

The director says Khanna has left a letter behind, and that shall be opened just before the release of the film. “Kakaji has left a sealed letter behind him, which he wanted us to read before the release of the film. So we will be opening his last letter either on his birth anniversary, or just before the release,” he said. “We have no clue what he has written in the letter. I am only thankful to god that we got an opportunity to work with him,” he added.

For his role in Riyasat, Khanna is said to have sat and watched the DVD of the 2005 Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Sarkar. “Before starting the film, he watched Amitabh Bachchan’s Sarkar, as he is also playing godfather in the film. It’s a very different subject and he had shot almost 95 per cent of the film. The entire nation will hear Kakaji’s voice in the film,” said Tyagi, who had started shooting the film in February 2011 and finished it in October.

Rajesh Khanna died in July after prolonged illness and a liver infection. But he had wrapped up most of the shooting for Riyasat. “Kakaji shot most portions, the ones I wanted. But yes, we were tempted to shoot more. And if his health permitted, we would surely have shot all of it. Then all of a sudden his health started deteriorating and he left us,” he added.

Riyasat also features Gauri Kulkarni, Aryan Vaid, Aryeman Ramsay and Raza Murad.

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  • V. Manohar

    Rajesh Khanna – The real & only Super Star of Indian Cinema:

    We consider Rajesh Khanna a SHEHENSHAH rather than just a superstar. All his films are conventional and even after being regarded as a romantic hero he has been part of very few complete romantic films. Rajesh Khanna the actor did meaningful films and he had a very good script sense acknowledge by all the Directors/Producers he worked.

    We have witnessed his superstardom which defined him as a real Super Star of Indian Cinema. He was and he will be there and always continue to remain a very important chapter of Indian film history.

    Rajesh Khanna enjoyed the biggest possible fan-following. Girls used to write him letters in blood. He would often be mobbed by fans at public appearances. His cars used to be full of lipstick marks of crazy fans. There were stories of females marrying his photograph.

    The hysteria he generated during his golden era was first of its kind in 100 year old in indian cinema. No actor or actress knows whether it repeated or not. Even if someone can, who knows how many decades it may take to reach that Kaka’s stardom and which will never faded away.