Rajinikanth heads to Singapore

In search of better treatment, or something else?

India’s only superstar to have attained God-like status, Rajinikanth, is going to Singapore along with his family this night for better treatment. While his wife and daughters maintain that there was nothing seriously wrong with him and that he was “recovering well” and was in a “stable condition”, rumours abound that the doctors in Chennai are not willing to treat Thalaiva, fearing the fatal backlash from fanatic worshippers, if (God forbid) anything unfortunate happens to him during the course of treatment. There are, of course, some who believe that the legendary actor is on his way to Singapore to cure the hospitals there and their patients of any illnesses. When someone asked if there was a lack of unwell people in India, pat came the reply from the worshippers: nobody questions Rajinikanth, you just answer him, if he ever asks you anything. While these speculations about Rajini saar’s Singapore visit continue, a humble fan outside Satyam Theater in Chennai says, “It doesn’t matter where he goes; after all he is God, He is omnipresent.” In Bollywood it has only been Amitabh Bachchan who had the entire nation praying for him while he was in hospital after an accident during the shoot of Coolie. But Rajini saar’s army of fanatic followers has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and he is still entertaining his worshippers with bigger and better extravaganzas like Robot and the still-to-be-shot Rana. Wethinks Rajini saar’s family took the right call by shifting him to Singapore so that he gets the much-needed rest. And also gives Singapore a chance to catch the Rajini magic…mind it!