Rajinikanth not doing advert with Aamir Khan!

It seems the two had made no such plans

Just when we were dreaming about two of the nation’s biggest stars coming together – even if it is just for an advertisement – we hear that it’s not gonna happen after all. Remember the buzz about Rajinikanth doing an ad against malnutrition with Aamir Khan? Well, that plan has been scrapped. Or, according to Rajinikanth’s official spokesperson, there were no such plans in the first place. All those rumours were just that – rumours. It seems someone, upset with Rajini supporting RA.One, decided that the south superstar should team up with Shahrukh Khan’s rival Aamir too and came up with this plan. We are upset. Really upset. It was a wonderful idea, don’t you think? To have two big names teaching everyone about the dangers of malnutrition. It finally seemed as if for once, celebrities were actually doing something for the common man. They could have brought about real change. Hopefully, this false news will inspire them to actually come together for a cause. That would be great, woudn’t it?