Rajinikanth to be paid Rs 240 crore – more than Tom Cruise’s fee?

Rajinikanth to be paid Rs 240 crore – more than Tom Cruise’s fee?

The Superstar of South Indian cinema might just sign on for the biggest movie deal ever in India

Despite what fans of the Khan triumvirate think (assuming they can), it is a well-known fact that Rajinikanth is the biggest superstar of India and the highest paid as well. Now, if all goes well, Rajinikanth could become one of the highest stars in the world. The man offering this whopping figure is a certain Hansraj Saxena. He was the chief executive officer of Sun Pictures when Shankar’s Enthiran (Robot) was offered to them on a plate after Eros International got cold feet when the budget ballooned to north of Rs 130 crore. Saxena now has his own film production outfit called Sax Pictures. The amount in question is the small amount of Rs 240 crores. In return, the Superstar will have to give his dates for 30 days for a film Saxena has in mind.

Now, Rs 240 crore translates to $45 million. That’s the range that top Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Matt Damon command. If the deal goes through, then Rajinikanth will be right up there in the pantheon of global stars. There is no news about who the director of this magnum opus is going to be, but it has emerged that popular Telugu star Ram Charan Teja will also be signed in order to woo a younger audience and the lucrative Andhra film audience, thus defraying the huge cost. Watch this space for further detail on Hansraj’s Superstar Sax appeal.

While on megabucks, even as Karan Johar, his special friend and mentee Siddharth Malhotra and other cast members Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt were busy promoting Student Of The Year in London, Dharma Productions chief operating officer Apoorva Mehta was busy raking in even more moolah for the company. He sold the television rights of SOTY and Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani to Sony for Rs 50 crore.

And, Vivek Agnihotri, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, has dusted off the shrapnel from the debacle of Hate Story, where he managed to make the sultry Paoli Dam unsexy despite being naked (Dam, not Agnihotri), and has leapt ahead to his next project, Freedom. His publicists have this to say: “The political thriller promises to give a blow by blow account of modern day India during the last three decades, beginning from the time of emergency declared in 1975 by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi till date. The film would therefore unfold the events in India spanning from 1970s-2000. The film will have a realistic & cutting edge take along with various dramatic elements unlike the usual commercial cinema.” And the first-look poster depicts the proverbial three monkeys. And here are the publicists’ two paise on the poster: “The poster which shows the iconic Gandhiji ke teen bandar depicts the reality of our society where people refuse to see, hear and speak about the wrong happenings and remain silent about it!”

Though Cineswami is loath to use hackneyed terms like hackneyed and need of the hours, the need of the hour is to have Freedom from the hackneyed cinema (for want of a better term) of Vivek Agnihotri.

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  • Laxmi

    If this is true, I think the guy wants to launder dirty money, that is why he is doing something stupid.

    • Jessie

      Exactly my thoughts. Rajnikanth is not worth that much. The film will end up loosing money. If it is a hindi movie with Rajni, it will surely be flop Maybe a tamil movie may make money. Just like Robot.

      • unnimol

        No matter; weather it is hindi ya tamil ya telungu movie… If the star s. Rajnikanth… Movie will b a block buster… He s the one n only masss super stat of india… N will remain forever… !

  • Guru Surend

    From North You people may think Rajini is not worth 240 crores. But see this point “Directors from North are not dreaming the results. They simply expects making a movie with Rajini and Thats Rajini and thats why India’s Biggest Superstar he is”. And I would say the truth that No South movies are ready to take Amitabh or Khans for half this worth North movies can’t stand in south. No movies reaches south except some of my respected King Khan, Salman khan and Hrithik which runs for a week or two! I’m not under rating the great actors of North but you should not say Rajini would give a flop ‘coz hes the evergreen and cant be underrated at any time.