Rajinikanth’s family to make his biopic; no Salman Khan in the picture


The south superstar’s family wants to counteract the unauthorised one being planned by Atul Agnihotri

Rajinikanth’s family is furious that Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri is planning to make a biopic on the legendary superstar. So now Rajini’s family has reportedly decided to make their own biopic. With the entire family in the filmmaking business – Rajini’s daughter Soundarya is producing Rana, her sister Aishwarya has turned director, and Aishwarya’s husband Dhanush is an actor – it is but natural for them to make the biopic. Soundarya has even claimed that they have not authorised anyone else to make a biopic and Atul is yet to get in touch with them. This is surprising as Atul had recently revealed in another interview that he would make the film only with Rajini’s “approval and contribution”. With Rajini’s family standing firm, it remains to be seen whether Atul will really go ahead with the biopic now.

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