Rajjo movie review: Kangna Ranaut’s nautch girl journey fails to impress!

Rajjo movie review: Kangna Ranaut’s nautch girl journey fails to impress!

Vishwas Patil’s debut film could have been better with stronger screenplay

Kangna Ranaut’s Rajjo does not belong to a genre that hasn’t been explored before. We have seen various films with similar storylines be it Chandni Bar or Chameli or Kangna’s very own Gangster starring Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja. So the point is how is the treatment different in this film?

What is Rajjo all about?

The story has nothing new or different as claimed by the makers. Vishwas Patil’s Rajjo revolves around the life of a young nautch girl in the city of dreams – Mumbai. Rajjo (Kangna Ranaut), who was sold to a kotha by her own family. Rajjo aka Rajjo Rani wants to emulate her idol Jankidevi (Jaya Prada) a classical dancer, but instead our heroine ends up in a kotha serving lusty men.

21-year-old Chandu (Paras Arora) hot blooded naïve guy who wants to feel like a man goes to a kotha with his friends to celebrate a cricket match victory, instead ends up losing his heart to an older Rajjo. Chandu keeps returning to the kotha to woo her and predictable as it may sound Rajjo too falls for this hero’s innocence who wants to save his damsel in distress from the kotha. Rajjo and Chandu’s love story even reaches its next phase – marriage thanks to support from Begum.

The couple moves to a village, what follows is some unwanted confusing twists – that are incoherent, irritatingly and clichéd. The story loses its plot and the film becomes boring to a point, where you only wait for the film to get over. Ranaut plays a village belle in the second half, but her nautch girl trade mark scarlet red lips and garish outfits remain. There are some real tacky dialogues which were meant to be powerful one liners that end up sounding silly!


Like always Kangna Ranaut delivers a performance as nautch girl with utmost honesty, however we wish our Fashion babe would get some lessons on dialogue delivery. She slips in this department several times, we have to admit, she is the only saving grace in the film. Paras Arora surprisingly isn’t too bad and is quite confident although he is surrounded by industry heavy weights like Mahesh Manjrekar and Prakash Raj. Mahesh Manjrekar is does justice to his role of Begum but Prakash Raj certainly needs to try something new.

Though the film was promoted as a romantic musical drama, its sad that the music is least impactful in fact forgettable. The film’s weak in both screenplay and the editing departments. Vishwas Patil’s directorial debut fails to leave a mark,its almost two decades old as far as execution goes and has the ‘80s feel which probably may not work today.

Rajjo also fails because its a half baked attempt. When you have a performer like Kangna who has done intense roles in the past be it Fashion or Gangster patil fails to exploit a daring heroine who is willing to ride solo and take risk. For Kangna all we can say is this might not be her career’s Rascals, but neither is it Fashion!

Rating: 1.5 out of 51.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Purva Khole

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