Rakesh Roshan ditches Naseeruddin Shah

Thu, September 1, 2011 10:30am IST by
Rakesh Roshan ditches Naseeruddin Shah

Naseer has been shown the exit door in Krrish 2 and since he’s not capable of raising temperatures, there’s someone hot and sexy chosen from B-town to replace him

Naseeruddin Shah’s role as an evil scientist in Krrish aroused much hatred and fear, especially when he smacked the hell out of Hrithik Roshan. Unfortunately, director Rakesh Roshan didn’t think twice before chucking the veteran actor out of the sequel, despite his flawless and much talked about performance. Apparently the person behind Naseer’s ouster is none other than the sexy Jaqueline Fernandez. Roshan chose the newbie over the experienced actor in the second part and also gave her a meaty role. Now Naseer sir is quite disappointed with the whole ‘role-snatching’ affair and just when he was anticipating a much more interesting character in the sequel as a baddie misusing his powers and playing with advanced scientific weapons, Roshan snatched the cheese away from his mouth and put it on a platter for hot Jacky. Now just like many other stories in B-town, this one is proof enough that ‘good looks’ prevail over ‘good performances’. Well, we think Naseer saab has enough on his plate for now and we suggest that whenever he feels dejected, he can just tune in to Shaktimaan, one of the famous superhero teleserials of the ’90s. That would make him realise that he missed out on some better roles than in Krrish and maybe that would cheer him up!Subscribe to me on YouTube



    dats not true at all….didnt u guys see dat naseeruddin shah’s character died in the end of krrish….how can he return in d sequel den…..

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