Rakhi Sawant: A virgin?

Controversy’s favorite child said in a recent interview that she never had time to have sex

Wait. Whaaat? We know this comes as real bolt from the blue. But yes, Rakhi Sawant is a virgin. How do we know, you ask? Well, the blabber mouth who was in a live-in relationship with her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi claims so.

Talking about her live-in relationship with Abhishek, Rakhi said that she did not have time to have sex. “Yes I had a boyfriend, but the rules were different. Mujhe sex karne ka waqt hi nahi mila. See my record — I have done comedy, tragedy and reality shows. And now also I have so much to do, main soun ya kaam karun?”

She added, “People wonder how can I be a virgin, considering I am a film personality. But I believe that if I work hard enough, nobody will ask for sex. Even when I do it, I will do it for myself and not to bag a project.”

Now this news will make for good fodder for Ripley’s Believe it or not. Wink wink