Rakhi Sawant wants Baba Ramdev’s virginity

We thought that after Baba Ramdev turned down Rakhi Sawant’s dating proposal she would leave the holy man alone. But the item girl is hell bent on seducing the yogi

If Baba Ramdev thinks Rakhi Sawant is using his name to gain publicity, then he is not entirely wrong. We have seen the item girl create controversies even in the past and we know that she can go to any length to keep herself in the news! Baba Ramdev publicly called Rakhi’s proposal indecent. But that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. According to the latest buzz, Rakhi believes that her Meneka like moves will be irresistible for the yogi. “I challenge Swami Ramdev to come to the Bigg Boss house with me! Main meneka banker unki tapasya bhang kar doongi . I’m sure he will lose his virginity when he comes face-to-face with my adaayein,” says Rakhi. She even goes on to say that she wants to enter as a wild card entry in the show with Baba Ramdev! “Colors channel always invites me for the inaugural ceremony, but I really wish they invite me as a wild card entry along with Ramdev this time! I will show him my capabilities.” Wonder what the holy man has to say to that. We are not sure if any of this is ever going to happen, nonetheless it is always entertaining to see Ms Sawant shoot her mouth off, isn’t it?