Rakhi Sawant’s furious with Kangna Ranaut

The item girl is annoyed at Kangna Ranaut’s unflattering comments about her infamous kiss from Mika Singh

Rakhi Sawant is fuming over a recent comment made by Kangna Ranaut during a press conference for the promotion of Tanu Weds Manu. The story goes that when Kangna was asked why she had refused to do a kissing scene with Mika Singh, who is also in the film, she made an unflattering comment about the infamous Rakhi-Mika kiss controversy. “I am no Rakhi Sawant to do something like this (kiss Mika),” Kangna had said. Ever since the statement became public Rakhi has been furious about it and decided to get back at Kangna. Though the media didn’t really go up to Rakhi and ask her what she felt about Kangna’s comment, the controversy queen sent out a press release to express her displeasure. “How dare Kangna do her publicity gimmicks firing from my shoulder? I have never kissed Mika. He had forcibly planted one on me and the world knows that. If Kangna is so publicity hungry, she should have kissed Mika for the song and become famous. Why resort to talking about Rakhi Sawant to gain mileage?” Well, well, all we can say to the controversy queen is that people who live in glass houses should not fling rocks about!