Ram Gopal Varma: I may not be able to make Satya 3

RGV is one filmmaker who has made quite a few gangster films but looks like Satya 2 will be his last film this genre

Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya is one of the best gangster/underworld films Bollywood has made. With Satya 2 ready for release, one can’t help comparing the two films. The trailers indicate the film’s treatment is different from Satya. Says Ramu, “The very fact that the underworld is almost nonexistent today at least in comparison to the way it was a decade ago is the primary reason which caused the swerve… If Satya was a story of a guy who came in 1998 to Mumbai and got shaped by the then existing underworld, Satya 2 is about a guy who comes in 2013 to reinvent the underworld.”

Will Satya 2 be his last saga of gangsterism? Or will there be a Satya 3? “Though the old saying implores never say never, I really think so because whatever knowledge and insights I gathered over the last 10 years with regard to the underworld I have put it in the mindset of the protagonist of Satya 2… so there’s nothing more I know about it and hence I may not be able to make another film on it.”

Text courtesy: DNA