Ram Gopal Varma to make sequel of ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’

The maverick filmmaker recently made this announcement but surprisingly the sequel will not be directed by Shimit Amin

Though Ram Gopal Varma was the guy who trusted director Shimit Amin and gave him a break with his home production, Ab Tak Chhappan, it seems that the two have drifted apart since then. Shimit moved on to greener pastures, and his last two films, Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year and Chak De! India have been produced by Yash Raj Films. When it comes to sequels, usually the director who has helmed the earlier version is roped in for the next but it seems that RGV has made an exception as he has roped in a new director to fill in for Amin. Buzz is that Ramu didn’t like the way Shimit shot Ab Tak Chhappan due to which the film’s budget went haywire. Apparently that is the reason why Sahil Saple has been brought on board. Saple is said to be an old associate of RGV and has earned his trust after assisting him in many films. We heard that Nana Patekar has agreed to play the leading man in the sequel and he seems to have no qualms about Shimit not directing the sequel. Let us wait and watch if Saple proves to be a perfect replacement for Shimit Amin or not.