Ram Kapoor to die in Bade Acche Lagte Hain!

Ram Kapoor to die in Bade Acche Lagte Hain!

The popular Ekta Kapoor show is all set to draw curtains and unlike most daily soaps, this one will end with a death

According to a source from the sets of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Ram Kapoor has threatened to leave the show ‘coz of his prior commitments. He recently had a meeting with the czarina, Ekta Kapoor and requested to either end the show or his character, ‘coz eh just cannot juggle anymore between his film commitments and the daily soap.

Apparently, Ekta tried convincing the portly hero, but Ram was adamant on leaving the show. If rumours are to be believed, the makers are now planning to kill the character off. Recently, we saw Ram asking Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) to come back home and informs her that he will take care of Pihu (Sonia Balani) or anyone who opposes them. Pihu is miffed with her father for getting Priya back and has threatened her father to abandon her husband Sammy if Ram and Priya reunite. Ram obviously has had enough and asks her to get out of the Kapoor mansion.

Pihu is angry with Priya and in order to take revenge will plot to kill her, but Ram intervenes and dies instead. Now we are not sure as to how Pihu will do this.

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  • Sammy/suhani fan 1

    DANGGGGGGG well its obvious cuz Ram does already is in filming so he’s not really losing anything by leaving leaving the show and we all understand it must be hard to manage between two things i am just happy that pihu is doing this lol cuz if she goes to jail then suhani and sammy can be together :) im still catching up to the episodes though

  • chanchal

    sir plzzzzz mat jaiye show se

  • harshal kulkarni

    whatever may be the reason but i think that ram should not leave this show & also the show should not be stopped because it is such a lovely show. There is no point in watching bade acche lagte hai if ram dies because it is impossible to imagine sakshi & ram without each other.

    • jul

      Ram should leave. Any way he is not doing any justice to the show. Look at his expression

  • Lata

    Ram Kapoor Fan: Mr. Kapoor, Please continue with Bade aache lagte hain. You are the best in this show. We enjoy watching you in this show. You can’t do this to us.



  • meenal

    sir your popularity is just because of balh….people love ram and priya… so please don’t leave the show …it would be a great mistake…inspite of cheat shots people are waiting to see u back…this is not only my opinion but i had a talk with lots of people who watch balh just for u… they may not have seen ur movies…people simply enjoy ram priya chemistry…we know its difficult for u ….but u can always forgo somethings for ur fans…if not atleast manage to handle both…bollywood as well as television

  • sm

    please ram…don’t leave the show like this. It’s better if the show ends as soon as possible. The show will lose viewers if ram leaves.

  • sam kukreja

    ram we love watching you & priya in BALH.your popularity has increased because of only BALH.Both of u look so cute & loving. We cannot imagine that u r leaving.plZZZZZZZZZZZZZ manage somehow both BALH & your movies. but dont leave this show for gods sake.We all love u very much.

  • Gucci Kaur Atwal

    BALH is solely about Ram & Priya, and that’s what we want to watch!!! If you leave to pursue your Bollywood fame all the best to you, and Priya will still do well in the new show. But the curtain should go down on BALH not a jump in story and characters which I will no longer watch without you original actors of the only show I watch avidly.