Ram-Leela dialogue promo: Why is Ranveer Singh not paying full attention to Deepika Padukone?

Because the lead actor of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s desi version of Romeo-Juliet is in thodu tension… Confused? Read on to know what we are trying to say

If you think Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela is all about love and war then you’re in for a surprise. The latest dialogue promo from the film is surprisingly funny. The first thing that caught our attention while watching the video was the fact that Ranveer Singh has mastered the native Gujarati language. His dialogue delivery is flawless specially ‘coz he speaks fluently with that typical Gujarati accent. The conversation between Deepika Padukone and Singh will leave you in splits. Watch the promo and get the first hand experience, we say. Coming to the ‘thodu tension’ part, well it’s just part of the dialogue which you’ll love to hear again and again only ‘coz Ranveer says it with perfection!

Apart from Leela, there are Sejal, Bijal and Kinjal as well in the Bhansali’s magnum opus. Who are they? We aren’t going to give it all away. Check out the dialogue promo and find out yourself.

PS: Thodu tension, pacchi tane full attention is going to stay in mind for a while!

Click here to watch the dialogue promo