Ram-Leela song Nagada sang dhol: Is Deepika Padukone better than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the garba song?

Tue, October 1, 2013 11:39am IST by
Ram-Leela song Nagada sang dhol: Is Deepika Padukone better than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the garba song?

The latest song from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s costume drama is full of colours, lights and energetic dance moves

The most awaited garba dance number from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela (RL) is out and we must say it was worth the wait. Deepika Padukone, in every film, has proved that she’s indeed racing ahead of her contemporaries, be it acting, dancing or looking plain gorgeous. And in this much-anticipated dance number from RL, she shows how one betters perfection.

Dippy looks resplendently gorgeous in the red lehenga choli and has performed the Gujarati traditional garba dance convincingly that reminds us of Bhansali’s favourite Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dholi taro from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam… this one too shot at a grand scale with stunning visuals.

Remember during the song shoot, there were reports that SLB’s Leela aka Deepika sustained major bruises and swellings on her feet while performing some heavy-duty dance steps! It’s learnt that the taskmaster director gave only one brief to the Chennai Express star – to make it as good as Ash’s dance number Dholi taro. The song begins with a teary-eyed Deepika lighting up diyas and performing garba in a vengeance. Though the song also features Ranveer Singh, Dippy takes away the limelight with her splendid dance moves. Penned by Siddharth Garima, the song is composed by SLB himself and sung by his favourite Shreya Ghoshal who also sang Dola re dola for his Devdas.

Check it out, Nagada sang dhol is sure to blow your mind! A perfect one to dance to this Navratri!

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  • pizza

    good one

  • Ramani


  • nisha

    Omg ,Deepika is so perfect,awsm dancing with graceful expressions,looking very beautiful and rs and dp chemistry is outstanding ,

  • SShaya

    No! Aishwarya a better dancer than deepika! But the song is beautiful

    • SWETA


  • neha

    Both dp and ash are perfect in there songs.so please don’t compare both are very talented and beautiful.

  • shweta

    no ways… aishwarya was way better in terms of both looks and dance.deepika is not even close to aishwarya but she has done a fair job as well!

    • ria

      you are absolutely right..how can someone compare the most beautiful lady with the average deepi?

  • amy

    Aishwarya was way better than deepika in terms of dance and expression both…deepika’s performace seems a bit expressionless and out of order

  • pizza

    wow deeps u make me proud with ur flawless garba

  • justin

    deepika lacks something…. she is graceful but no charm like Aishwarya or Katrina. Therefore the song is deprived of beauty which it so much needs.

    • dpfan

      Get Lost. Their times are over. This song wasn’t about charming. it was about emotions and deepika did that wonderfully. And Katrina? Seriously? A 5th grader can act better than her. And Deepika is no less beautiful than any of them. Deepika rocks

      • Ralph

        totally agree with this

      • justin

        deepika dances so stiffly. Need some rigorous dancing lesson. Her poor dance moves eclipses whatever expressions she is forcing herself to give.
        Deepika is ugly and looks like any average girl. nothing outstanding or striking about her. Cannot command screen which an actress must –seriously a movie star who looks so common. Taling about acting even Om puri can act. Shobha de was right.

    • pooja

      Oh,u think dp lack’s charm but i don’t think so.and i think Katrina lacks every quality which is required for an actress and some of them are acting ability,expressions etc etc,which is very important for an actress

  • parth

    hey alway picture is very very nice and nice ranveer kapuar body is so good and my dipika padukon is soooooo hot and sexyyy

    • sss

      Hello,he is not Kapoor,he is Ranveer singh,and yes he is much better actor then that Kapoor,both Ranveer and Deepika are perfect for the role and looking awsm together.

  • Sweets

    Ash and salman’s majic is unmatchable :)

  • Jaz

    Amazing dancing and expressions from Deepika.. People are comparing it to Dhole Taro but not realising that that was a cheeky and happy as well as flirty song portrayed by ash and salman whereas this song is intense and there is tension, Deepika is showing pain and love for Ram.. And let’s not forget that Deepika did this song wearing taped bandages (as back/ shoulder brace) as she had hurt her back. Well done on a great effort, Deeps!



  • aarti

    I like the nagada song…….lots of love u deepika….


    by dipika…
    love this song

  • samina thakur


  • Ooh La La

    Deepika is Amazing omgggggg and way better than Aish. And seriously Katrina cant even act let alone dance. Deepika is hot and an amazing actress, whilst Katrina is just a plastic barbie doll.

  • nova

    awsome song with awsome dance. ash and dpz both are so much tallented. they make bollywood so much proud.

  • nikil parmar

    nice dance .

  • Samita

    I like deepika ur garaba …… N also this song…..

  • Vinu

    I would like song

    • Mohammad Altaf

      This sosng is very much suitable for celebrations

  • Manish

    Its so incredible dancing & choroghaphy i liked

  • ria

    deepika is so average..she is jumping in the song instead of dancing.i wondered why Bansali selected her for this kind of roles which requires talent and beauty.

    • justin

      well put !

  • arati

    dipika is a best dancers she is a parfect

  • S Sahota

    Deepika is best in this song than aishwarya . deepika is beautiful and tellented and she pay a very beautiful gift for all in navratri.

  • ketan patel

    nice song & dipika dance i like u……..

  • dimple patal

    The song is beautiful

  • Ashmanhaugh

    Deepika is extremely bful a nd excellent dancer, luv u deeps

  • chandni

    deepika looks perfect gujarati.

  • vinod bharti

    I love these song

    • NB Bangash

      Nice Dance And Nice Song

  • piya

    Deepika u r oooooooooosom and u hv danced amazingly wow

  • kijkhhhu