Ram Sampath: It is more to do with a dirty mind at play

Music director of Delhi Belly cries foul over Anubhav Sinha’s anti Aamir Khan statements

Ram Sampath who is the name behind the now anthemic DK Bose song from Delhi Belly which is an Amir Khan production reacts to director of SRK’s RA.One Anubhav Sinha’s outburst. Sampath says “Reading something more into the lyrics and feeling embarrassed when a child sings the same is more to do with a dirty mind at work. I don’t think a kid is enjoying the music with a devious bent of mind. Let’s not forget the Censor Board of this country has viewed and cleared the aforesaid music video.”  Wethinks Sinha is being a party pooper and should let the Delhi Belly gang enjoy the bouquets coming their way.