Ramesh Sippy: ‘Madhubala’ is a dramatic story about the film industry

Ramesh Sippy: ‘Madhubala’ is a dramatic story about the film industry

The Sholay director claims that he is impressed with his first peek into Colors’ new show. But is he?

It’s strange how TV and B-town celebs say one thing when they mean something else. Not that we mere mortals don’t do so, but the style in which these guys do it continues to amaze us. We couldn’t help but roll our eyes as we listened to two bigwigs (and a few wannabe more minor wigs) praise Colors’ latest offering, Madhubala.

The title of the show has given gossipmongers a lot to buzz about, but at the launch of the show yesterday (May 21), Prashaant Bhatt, Weekday Programming Head – Colors, clarified that Madhubala has nothing to do with the real life love story between legendary actors Dilip Kumar and Madhubala. He called it “a tribute to 100 years of cinema”. “It’s about a girl who is gifted stardom, but doesn’t love it. She has to live a life she doesn’t want,” he said. Till this point we were fine, but the giggles and eye rolls started when Bhatt added, “Indian cinema’s biggest film is Sholay. The scenes shot in a rocky terrain in the first few episodes of the TV show were inspired by Sholay.” Having just watched the scene (you can watch it here), we couldn’t help but wonder from which angle it could be any kind of tribute. One boulder, a rocky terrain does not make. And one gun and a few sidekicks are hardly as terrifying as Gabbar and Samba. Raj Zutshi’s portrayal of the evil Balraj Chaudhary is nowhere near Amjad Khan’s Gabbar Singh. Then why these unnecessary comparisons? They’ve already raised expectations by naming the show Madhubala and making us recall images of ethereal beauty – which Dhrashti Dhami just doesn’t live up to.

As we chomped on this we realised the statement was just a segue to introduce Ramesh Sippy. Have you seen any connection more long-winded and tenuous than this? You call a director just because his film, one of the greatest of Hindi cinema, inspired one tacky scene in your show? C’mon! It’s almost as if this connection was deliberately forced just so that the channel and the makers could strut around claiming that they have the support of the Sholay director. It’s a new trend that’s slowly gaining ground in telly land –having famous B-towners endorse a show. Remember Abbas-Mustan supporting Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat? Ramesh Sippy however seemed quite uncomfortable with the situation as he tried to praise a piece of work that he could easily see was tacky. He finally said:

“It’s very dramatic.” (It’s a drama so it will be dramatic. That goes without saying, right?)

“It’s a story about the film industry.” (Yes, we know.)

Madhubala looks very interesting.” (Ahem, is there a more polite noncommittal word in B-town lexicon?)

“We are looking forward to different fare.” (Different! Of course! That answers our question.)

“In the past 100 years, cinema has seen many changes. Am sure this will be another beautiful change.” (How lovely. Your faith in the show is touching, Mr Sippy.)

After watching a 40-minute clip of the show, our sympathies were with Ramesh Sippy. We wished he had declined to associate himself with the project. We can only hope that the clip has not done justice to the show and that Madhubala is actually a product that our fave director will be proud of. Fingers crossed.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sreepriya Banerjee


  • Renu kashyap

    who the author is ????????
    I think he/she dont even know the meaning of beauty
    go & check your eyesight first
    Disgusting article

  • Meenu

    Miss author who you are to judge
    we fans know DD is the most beautiful actress
    go & check Indian forum you will get you answers
    I can smell jealousy

  • preeti.b

    hello pls dont give any rubbish information ok madhubala it self says about beauty in telly oter than drasti no body can match as beautiful as madhubala of bolly so pls better dont say any word about drasti .Drasti is a perfect choice and show promos itself promises the new thing in telly something different so as we all fans are desperately waiting for this show i am sure its going to be big hit and creates an history in tellyworld

  • Sonom

    Hahahaha i smell stomach BURNING!!!! *calling for fire service*

    So miss Author tell me how much you got paid to say such nasty stuff?? Wait let me guess who gave you… Mrs Witch Choudary???

    Oh well now i understand…. We all know her jealousy and her EXTREME attempts at trying to be Drashti…

    Do you know you are the ONLY person in the world could EVER say Drashti is not beautiful… Huhu i guess u wanted to say, ‘OH DAMN SHR IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ME’….HAHAHA ROFL…

    Btw how you know what Mr resh felt about the show?? :O OMG DON TELL ME, you both are related?? Well well in what way??? *rofl*

    Chalo im out of this GANDA article… Which clearly spells JEALOUSY AT ITS PEAK….

  • Nisha

    is it ethical for the media to give its opinion as such. it thought their jobs were only to inform,…no one asked them to gicve their opinion about the show…it seems that the author wanted to vent out someone s anger and the show bacame a victim…By the way, who the hell can be compared to madhubala…she is celestial beauty…but this doesnt give right to anyone to say in public that Drashti does not live up to the character she is portraying!!! thus is a direct insult i think!!!

  • Pooja Reddy

    What a pathetic article,the author need to check his eyesight & brains also,disgusting giving the opinion even before the show air,GET WELL SOON Dude!!!!!!!!

  • Sunita Ray

    I thought , will ignore but let me tell you this !
    how can u make judgment by a simple press conference ! being in media DOES NOT give you the right to demean someone’s efforts ! have you read what you wrote ….

    big big critics like Rajeev Masand too give verdict AFTER seeing the film ! prior to that he always encourages every film ! and WHO ARE YOU TO OPINE ??? that too this way !!

    Advice : Seek mental help , practice yoga , do prayers to purify this cynical mind !!
    the root of this venting anger , frustration and fury is FEAR !!!
    Get help , you need it !

  • mishi

    you think DRASHTI is not beautiful…d-u-h….well,whoever the author is,i just wanna say go and check your eyesight first.

  • Naz

    What an article….bollywoodlife has crisis of proper reporters it seems, such a piece of crap this article is.

    just sick trial of seeking attentions….great idea…nonsense….reporter JI dont ever write anymore articles or you will find yourselves and the bollywoodlife in trouble.

  • sangeeta gupta

    really , burning smell , so poor
    arey tum kya decide karego ki drashti sunder nahi hai ya hai, ek apake alawa aur kisi ne aisa nahi kaha , hum andhe hai kya joh dhikhata nahi kya accha ya kya bura, public ko decide karne do ,
    apane comment apane paas rakho kale padd jaoge itani jalan leker
    bakwas site bakwas news

  • Maankigopi Madhu

    What a piece of garbage. Don’t want to waste time by saying more than this ;[

  • Mohona

    To the author: This is really important for you to understand the purpose of naming this show Madhubala, rather than just publish an article with some disrespectful words about an excellent actress with sheer talent and beauty.
    Yes Madhubala ji was an epitome of beauty of all time and Drashti Dhami is the epitome of beauty of today.There shoudnt be any comparison. Drashti is not only beautiful by her looks she is also a wonderful person…thats what matters..!

  • Tatjana

    May I ask the author what did she expect to watch? a bollywood movie? IT’s A DAILY SOAP!!!
    look at what you have written here! GARBAGE!

  • naz

    garbage,garbage,garbage,it seems author doesn’t have any clue about beauty or acting.
    Drashti is “Queen of Expressions” Drashti is “beauty queen” and she has beautiful heart. burning smell around with smoke.

  • leena

    dont dare to write anything wrong against Drashti….she is naturaly beautiful & talented…
    Hey Author tumhe MIRCHI KYUN LAGI

  • seharr

    the writer of this article needs to GET WELL SOON
    who the hell are u too decide Drashti is beautiful or not??
    article was complete non-sense..:/

  • akshata

    drashti is beautiul and natural actor. she is best , no comparison to her beauty. she is queen o tellywood.beauty with brains.

  • misha

    Very well written article…After watching few episodes, I can definitely say that Madhubala is all hype and no substance. It is over dramatic,OTT and cliched in the name of giving a tribute to film industry. Lead actress is of course no where near Madhubala ji. Forget Madhubala, she doesnt even lok pretty or refreshing.

  • abhay

    The writer of this article needs to b learn moRe he don’t know about the TRP of show

  • Lovedeep

    Writer don’t know anything about the show he/she is just a liTtle kid now. Both Drashti and Vivian doing best in their show

  • omema irfan

    drama madhubala is wonderful drashti and vivian doing thier level best acting .

  • PRI


  • PRI


  • kanthi

    who ever the writer s pl u don’t have rights to talk about dd personally ,If dd s not beautiful then no one s beautiful in your industry
    u can’t critisize one like this ina n open statement.
    don’t u know even that manners
    very much disgusting
    drashti is beautiful not only in looks but also in heart which many of your beautiful actresses doesn’t have.
    pl stop this nonsense.

  • nia


  • nisha

    rk and madhu are a perfect couple.but i want see marrige of rk and madhu with saath faire

  • miss neko

    Just wtf is this about???

  • Nathulaldak

    I love the serial pls don’t separate rk and madhubala

  • vin

    plz plz plz plz come what may …do not seperate rk and madhu, because that is the i watch this serial…..what ever he situation is they should always stick together….

  • vin

    plz plz plz plz come what may …do not seperate rk and madhu, because that is the only reason i watch this serial…..what ever the situation is they should always stick together….