Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif engaged!

Ranbir Kapoor engaged to Katrina Kaif
Yogen Shah

Few months back, reports about Ranbir getting engaged to Kat on his birthday did the rounds. While the Besharam actor rubbished all the rumours back then, we hear the two alleged lovebirds have indeed got engaged

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been spending way too much time together without worrying about the media’s prying eyes. Now that’s strange considering the two weren’t happy when their personal life came under the media scanner few months back. In fact, the duo even showed up at Karan Johar’s house and partied along with RK’s cousin Kareena Kapoor Khan. And we all know Saif Ali Khan’s begum has spilled the beans about her bhai’s love life on Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan 4.

All this is happening without any fuss. Even Ranbir’s parents haven’t objected to any of these events. If they did, we would obviously get a whiff of it, hai na? But there is absolutely nothing coz a little birdie chirps that the two actors have exchanged rings and it was a secret affair. We dunno know how true this piece of news is, but we have every reason not to discard it completely, hai na? Coz there was a time when nobody spoke about Ranbir and Katrina’s affair openly but with Bebo declaring the Dhoom:3 babe as her sister-in-law on national television, we do think there is more to this story than what meets the eye!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jay Bulgaro

    Congratulations and wish you a joy filled life together!

  • manjiri

    engaged? i think they are secretly married..kareena said sister in law not would be sister in law..:* m happy ..very happy..love ranbir Katrina

    • Rohini Verma

      They are not married! Kareena was just joking god! I hate Katrina. I hope i marry Ranbir

      • Stop

        wtf, you’re never going to marry him.

        • Rohini Verma

          I will marry him.

          • Jack

            GOD Bless you

          • Rohini Verma

            I hate Katrina. I hope Ranbir marries me!

  • Nami Choudhary

    Was Katrina engaged with Salman Khan before or only dating?

  • hemant

    Katrina made for only Salman…. and all things depended on DABANGG khan…..Ranbir kaha yr no no no no……….

  • moni

    only deepika looks awesome wid ranbir …katrina ewwww red sign

  • akshita agarkar

    Ranbir plz dnt do this……..dnt marry with katrina…only DEEPIKA looks nyc with u
    she is so beautiful……& i hate katrina & love Deepika….

  • Nithi K

    Katrina looks buddi doll…

  • Nithi K

    Kutrina. looks too old lady…

  • diamond kb

    ranbir and deepika look good together.. katrina looks too old for him.

    • Jack

      None will look young or old in bed..

  • desigirl424

    will they ever admit to the relationship?

    • Jack

      THey aren’t going to admit their relationship even after having 3 kids

  • Mariam Karim

    Katrina looks old like always I prefer deepika for. Ranbir

    • Nami Choudhary

      Women are old after the age of 25 latest while men will never be old