Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to move into their new love nest in Bandra next week?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to move into their new love nest in Bandra next week?
Yogen Shah

Finally looks like Kat will be finally out of the bag next week

Ranbir Kapoor’s walk out of his father Rishi Kapoor’s home Krishna Raj in Bandra was a move everybody was closely watching and the moment is here. If buzz is to be believed then the actor will shift into his new plush pad on Hill Road, Mumbai in the coming week. RK Jr recently wrapped up the shoot of Bombay Velvet and was on a lookout for a new place to call home along with ladylove Katrina Kaif. While many suggested that Ranbir’s differences with dad prompted this action, close aides of Kapoor family suggest all’s well between the father-son duo. The real reason for this shift of residence is the much-delayed renovation of the Krishna Raj bungalow. The family has for long been waiting for permissions to go ahead with the makeover of their home.

With Ranbir wanting more privacy and time with girlfriend Katrina and his B-town pals, the actor has now found another home in Bandra. Apparently the interior work is going on in full swing and the actor will have the full floor for himself in this building and not just an apartment. Considering that father’s 14-storey building plan has hit the back burner this arrangement seemed perfect for the young Kapoor lad, who by the way will be shuttling between his two homes.

Will Katrina join him in his new home? Will this new home become their love nest? Or are these early preparations for the much-hyped 2015 Ranbir-Kat wedding? Well, watch this space to find out more…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • dumnjk

    now that everyone knows about kat-hrithik affair,this must be a cover up! tbh i will suggest katrina to dump RANHOE! he must have slept with everyone

    • Iman Ali

      U meant he hav slept with deepika n gave her fuckkkk!!!

    • Rohini

      Let marry Ranbir!

    • Rohini

      Let me marry Ranbir

    • green

      Are u speaking about deepika who slept with muzammil nihar ranbir homi siddharth yuvi dhoni ranveer….

  • Iman Ali

    Kat ranbir best jodi my fav both are cute .

    • Rohini

      They are not moving in!

  • Bernie

    You say ‘ladylove’ one more time, i’ll smack you in the head so super hard.

    • Eliza

      agreeeddddd! she’s such a hoe!

    • green

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  • najatlovekiss

    Am happy for them

    • Rohini

      They are not moving in together! This is a rumor!

      • heer

        Wake up and smell the coffee , they are moving it .

        • Rohini

          Wake up and smell the coffee they are not moving in! They broke up. Media is making this up its not true these move in rumors!

      • najatlovekiss

        Please if you don’t like them together stop coming to their page

        • Rohini

          They are not together they broke up. I rather see myself with Ranbir.

  • sunaian

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    • hemant

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  • ganga

    Jug jug jiyo , doodo nahao . Puto phalo. Hope this house brings happiness in your life . May you have beautiful children in your life.

  • Dora Jawahir

    Lovely L