Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to rent out a flat together!

Though RK has a bought a 3 storey apartment in Bandra, we hear the actor is going to rent out another flat wherein he’ll stay with his ladylove Ms Kaif

Reports about Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif moving in together have been doing the rounds forever now. Earlier, Rishi Kapoor’s ladla beta was supposed to shift in his plush Bandra pad, however that won’t be happening anymore. Apparently, Jr Kapoor and his alleged girlfriend Kat will now rent out a flat at Carter Road, Bandra. This place, we hear, is quite close to the building where Aamir Khan has leased a flat. That’s not all! The Dhoom:3 starlet is personally supervising how the flat is being done up. It is said that RK and KK want their love nest to have a European feel and hence the star couple has handpicked furniture from Italy, Bali, Dubai and South Africa for their apartment. Wow, now that’s interesting!

Not too long ago, we had heard about these two alleged love birds taking some time out from their Jagga Jaoos shooting schedule in South Africa and had gone shopping. Guess those reports were true after all! Well, if Ranbir and Katrina have put in so much effort to make their love nest oh-so-beautiful and comfy then we do hope they move in together sooner than later.