Ranbir Kapoor builds muscle for Besharam

The hunk will get ripped for the first time for Abhinav Kashyap’s upcoming film

Ranbir Kapoor has always played a romantic actor and has never had the need to beef up for any of his roles. It doesn’t suit his image, maybe! But with the other stars around him bulking up, it seems Ranbir thought it was high time he too gets into fighting shape!

So for Abhinav Kashyap’s Besharam, where he has a number of fight sequences, Ranbir will be beefing up big time. Word is that he has hired Pradeep Bhatia to work with him on his physique. Ranbir has also made the trainer chalk out a hardcore workout routine for him. “Three days a week we work on his chest, back, triceps, shoulders and legs. Every fourth day, we have been doing TRX suspension training, which is a high-intensity functional workout. I make him run with a truck tire tied to him,” said the trainer.

We’re glad Ranbir is beefing up and all. But we wonder if he will approach Salman Khan for some tips!