Ranbir Kapoor conquers his fear factor

The Rockstar actor did more than he believed he could to get his role right for the Imtiaz Ali film

Fear is what a good player faces and manages to beat. And Ranbir Kapoor proved that he is a true khatron ke khiladi during the shoot of Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. You all know that Ranboo is afraid of heights; he has vertigo that is pretty severe, and tends to avoid any activity that involves him being up off the ground to any extent. But for his soon-to-release film, he was willing to grit his teeth and take that risk, without getting overly hassled or paranoid about it. We hear that Ranbir has been taking a deep and very personal interest in the film and thus had to help his director when he was asked to – Imtiaz wanted to shoot a sequence at a rock concert from a height, but he himself needed to be on the ground since it was a coordination nightmare otherwise. So he asked his star, Ranbir, to supervise the aerial takes, for which our hero has to be overlooking the stage from a chopper high above. And since the shoot was happening in Verona, Italy, it could not be delayed, since time was, literally, about more Euros than the budget allowed. But Ranbir, being the professional and determined to get the job done, managed to lean out of the helicopter, get the director of photography set up and going and thereby understand that height was all in the mind, nothing to be scared of! Now if our star-lad can do this, he can do almost anything, right? So we are waiting to see what he does next….