Ranbir Kapoor does a Khan, demands 70 per cent share in profits

Ranbir Kapoor does a Khan, demands 70 per cent share in profits

The Rockstar actor has laid down a new condition for producers who wish to sign him on for their future projects

Ranbir Kapoor is certainly smiling all the way to the bank. Reportedly, the young heartthrob has demanded a whopping 70 per cent of the profit from Viacom 18, the producers of his upcoming movie Besharam, directed by Abhinav Kashyap. Ranbir’s new policy has shocked B-town’s top-notch production houses who were waiting to sign the charismatic actor for their films.

With this move, Ranbir will join the elite club of Khans and Kumars – Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, who are known to take home a huge percentage of their film’s profits. If our feathered friend is to be believed, Ranbir was toying with the ‘price hike’ idea for a long time and when daddy dearest Rishi Kapoor learnt of it, he helped laadla beta cash in on his popularity and super success.

Remember a few months ago, there were news about issues between Abhinav Kashyap, Viacom 18 and Ranbir Kapoor over the actor’s renewed remuneration. Apparently, the condition put forth by the Kapoors only added to Abhinav’s woes. But later, the director and the production house agreed to it, considering Ranbir’s over-growing popularity and demand.

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  • hina

    Happy for him. Great decision.

  • Deepa

    agreed he’s new generation’s big star. BUT this is a bit too soon cos remember the KHANS deserve it they have been working SUCCESSFULLY for 20 yrs now ,i think Ranbir should give it a little more time before making such huge demands.because times change pretty quickly in Bollywood

  • Mitesh Patel

    Time change is Bollywood quickly and you never know couple of flop film and you are grounded

  • Vivek

    Nothing against Ranbir or the Khans, but I wish the actors didn’t have so much power in Bollywood, feels like directors, writers, studios are at the mercy of the stars. Instead of trying to make different kinds of films, everyone just wants to get the stars and make 100 crores :(