Ranbir Kapoor feels director is as vital as script

Here’s the success formula of Rockstar actor Ranbir Kapoor’s escalating filmography

It comes as no surprise that so far Ranbir Kapoor has worked with trusted filmmakers and director friends in the industry. That’s coz the Rockstar dude is very picky. While we would like our gossipy minds to think that he is fussy about his leading ladies, the truth is that Ranbir is more careful about the director he chooses to work with. Well, he is a director in the making, so it should not be a surprising revelation. Of course, the story and character is also of great importance, but he says, “I depend a lot on the director to extract the best out of me, which is only possible if there’s a great amount of love between us. It’s only through this connect that my character will come out. As an actor, I want to push myself, and that is not possible if my directors don’t help me discover the different aspects of my craft. Today I am grateful if a director points out that I have given a bad shot, because that’s how I will push the envelope. Not that I am passing the entire onus on the filmmaker. As an actor, I am equally responsible for what you eventually see on screen.” No wonder RK junior has been slowly and steadily climbing the success ladder in Bollywood and if he continues this way there is no stopping him from reaching the top.


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