Ranbir Kapoor: I can give my life for Katrina Kaif!

Ranbir said that he can give his life for Katrina
Yogen Shah

The Kat is finally out of the bag, the Kapoor lad confessed this in a recent interview. Read on to know more…

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif  have not been vocal about their love affair but it seems that the couple is ready to put an end to the hide and seek that they have been playing with the media for quite some time now. It seems like our wait is finally over. In a recent interview when the Kapoor lad was asked – Who can you give your life for? The actor replied, “My family, Ayan, Katrina, as she is a very special person in my life, Rohit Dhawan, who I grew up with, and Aisha Divetri, my school friend. And Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Basu, as they add a lot to my life.” Now we understand how everyone has made to the list, but we could not just miss how Ranboo went on to clarify about Kat being that special someone in his life.

This definitely isn’t the first time that RK has made a comment about his relationship, the actor seemed to have learn from his past. After his break-up with ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone, RK shies away from personal talks, even marriage is a far fetched thought. Ranboo even disappointed all those rumour mongers by telling how he had no special plans to propose to his ladylove on his birthday on September 28.

But  the Barfi! lad doesn’t deny that he will go down on his knees and make it extra special for his girl to say those three beautiful words. Unless of course somebody busts his secret plans!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sulaiman

    hy to all

    katrina plz mary salman…he wil kep u hapy…in ur life

    plz plz

    dnt mary with ranvir…..

    Dnt break the heart of salman …

  • nira

    Wow.i would have married my bf immediately had he been saying this to me. Too sweet.

  • Robin

    Ranbir said this in response to a a very leading question asked by the reporter. Why do all actors fall for this sort of thing?

    Anyway, Mr. Kapoor is unlikely to marry for another several years. Will he remain sincere? Will Katrina wait?

  • Singh

    Ranboo please take ur so called fake kat along whever u go as tolerating her is damn fckin impossible

  • Reshm

    Ranbir & Kat … Nice Jodi like rishi & neetu.. Ranbir looks like neetu & Kat has a baby face like Rishi

    • Flora


    • silver

      Nooo way!!! 1st…ranbeer n deepika is the bst jodi n 2nd… do u relly think rishi n kat’s innosence r sme ???

  • Roy

    At least Katrina got rid of “gay” Salman Khan! Ranbir is the right choice baby

  • Tania

    I am now hating Katrina for leaving Salman like this she just used poor Salman n now going for a young guy Ranbir

    • SarA

      She’s younger than ranbir.

  • Amrita singh

    The jodi of katrina and ranbir is awe….for me deepika and ranbir’s jodi is the best plz ranbir get back to deepika she is perfect fr u and she also love u and leave that katrina

  • Mayank Jhariya

    Salman buddhe se kbhi shadi mt krna

  • sreelu

    Ranbeer please marry deepika. She is very good.please don’t marry Kat she is just a selfish.

  • Ngedup

    I am very happy by hearing about Ranbir and Plz Ranbir don’t hurt my katrina she will be your perfect girl in your life. And avoide Deepika.

  • Murja Abu Ibrahim

    Hi Ranvir Kapoor, I’m so hapi u r still in love with Katrina. Great indeed! If u dare hurt or break her heart you will not get a good wife like Kat for you will forever regret breaking her heart, she’s so honest n decent. The bikini incident is nothing man, continue showing ur love to Kat n be sincere to her PLEASE. U both make a perfect match n no couple will match urs in Bollywood apart from that of Ajay n Kajol.

    • Rohini

      I hate Katrina. Ranbir will never marry her. She is stupid! I hope I get to marry him. I love him alot.

  • hajizakir

    ilove you

  • muskan

    hy katrina i want to say u that marry with salman khan because he is still waiting for u and he loves u so much

  • silver

    ohh ranbir… dont know y u r soo flirty !! i like ur everythin…expect this atti …n btw…u n deeps look best ;) hang out wid her yaaa!

  • vaishali

    hey..! ranbir,
    u n katina r the best couple in the world..
    so plz just marry katrina, she’s only the right choice for u..! ;-) :-)

  • Spency

    This is cute…….

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  • rohiiijeee

    deepika gives me a huge boner whenever i see her pics

  • prabin

    Katrina ur very nice … and nice couple