Ranbir Kapoor inspired by Ranveer Singh?

Ranbir Kapoor inspired by Ranveer Singh?

Deepika Padukone’s ex-flame seems to be following her current boyfriend’s footsteps

There was a time when people in B-town were hesitant to endorse products like condoms and support no smoking campaigns, but that is changing now and…how! All thanks to Ranveer Singh, who broke the stereotype and went on to promote the cause of safe sex by being the brand ambassador of a condom brand.

And now it seems that Ranbir Kapoor is following his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s current boyfriend’s footsteps. Yes, from what we hear, the Kapoor lad, like Ranveer, is all set to break the myth, by supporting a no smoking campaign. Yes, you read that right. The Rockstar actor, has often stated that despite trying sincerely, he has failed to quit smoking. But nevertheless, he has decided to help others kick the butt.

Katrina Kaif’s alleged boyfriend has joined hands with an association that works for cancer patients. The Besharam actor will also feature in a short film which will talk about the advantages of being a non-smoker.

Well, it’s certainly very good to see these young celebs breaking all the myths and openly supporting causes like these, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rashmi

    From when did endorsing something cheap n endorsing something meaningful became the same?? Ranveer can never be Ranbir… Just comparing himself with RK will not put him in the same league as Ranbir.. Ranbir is a superstar n Ranveer is not even in that league… So stop writing these craps n putting Ranveer on par with Ranbir..

    • Jhanvi

      endorsing a condom is NOT cheap. its something that needed to be done by a mainstream actor. Given India’s population and the rate at which sexually transmitted diseases are rising year by year, condoms need to to used by people who engage in sexual activity to prevent unwanted pregnancies and decrease the spread of deadly infections. we cannot keep turning a blind eye and pretend like no one in India is having sex, truth is many people are (population is proof lol, and unfortunate STDs) and we need to educate people on safe sex.

      that being said, Ranveer and Ranbir are 2 completely different actors and yes i agree its not fair to judge them. personally i like Ranbir better but Ranveer is a close second. :-)

      • EE

        Well said . Ranveer had the guts to endorse something meaningful

        • Jhanvi

          Agreed! Definitely does take guts. Kudos to him! I’m also glad that Ranbir is going to be apart of an antismoking campaign. Both of these issues need some light shed on them.

          Seriously, I shouldn’t even start about smoking. People often think of lung cancer as a deadly side effect but in actuality it causes ALOT more harm then just that. Bladder cancer, coronary artery disease (heart disease), esophagus cancer, mouth cancer – just to name a few. Nothing good comes from it. :-(

      • Terminator

        Ranveer close 2nd.. Ranbir is far ahead of him

        • Jhanvi

          haha well it all depends on personal preference I suppose.

          But I will agree that maybe hes not a ‘close second’ but he is a second for me lol. Ranbir’s body of work is commendable, he really is amazing. Ranveer still has to deliver that caliber of work but I think in a few more years he might be able to pull it off. I guess only time will tell. :-)

      • milan227

        Very true. Agree completely.

  • Rashmi

    Ranbir is not as wacky ya as fickle minded like Ranveer.. He is dignified, respectful, lovable, humble person who is projected as casanova by media unnecessarily.. Stop this non sense.. It will make u guys lose ur own dignity

    • Terminator

      Very true

  • Anne

    Ranveer cannot be compared to Ranbir

    • mini

      Nobody’s comparing , they both are totally different in terms of acting abilities and talent both are awsm in the own ways ,

      • milan227

        This +1000. Don’t know why it is that if you like one guy, it automatically follows that his rival is useless. We should be glad that these two different yet talented guys are bringing a new wave into the film industry

        • Jhanvi

          I agree with you 100%. Both are doing amazing work and bringing a fresh flavor to the stale industry lol

  • sara

    LOL , What a liar ranbir kapoor is , he a smoker , and endorsing smoking campain .

    • Rashmi

      Ranbir is not a liar, he is endorsing it after knowing the side effects of it… His own aunt is suffering from cancer so he has taken this step to do his bit to make people aware of it…

  • Iman Ali

    Ranveer bkwass na hi shakal h na hi akal, bekar admi h, cheapika k sth jo us ki g.f h safe sex krta h take dpeeeiiiika pregnant na ho jae, wase to ranveer hr dusri k bche ka bap bn jae ga, kutte ka bcha h ranveer, harami, lanti kanjor, chuuuraaa, chue ka mun wala kala kalota, jitni galia do km hn