Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif more sizzling than Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone!

Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif more sizzling than Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone!

We conducted a poll recently, asking you to help us pick the most sizzling B-town jodi. Well, here are the results…

It’s been quite a while that we have been seeing a lot of B-town couples indulging in PDA. From Aamir Khan’s kiss to wife Kiran Rao on Koffee with Karan 4 to Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s liplock at an awards show… we’ve been watching it all. And we came up with a list of B-town jodis who just can’t stop displaying their affection for each other in public and asked you to vote as to who is the most sizzling jodi out of all.

BollywoodLifers have given us the verdict and Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif have emerged as the winners by acquiring maximum votes. We received a total 3,283 votes, out of which Ranbir-Katrina got 1,941 votes (59 percent) thereby winning the poll hands down. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have followed the Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani actors with mere 984 votes, which is almost 30 percent of the total votes. Now, that is nowhere close to the number of votes that Ranboo-Kat have got. Hai na?

The third position is claimed by the Bachchan jodi who acquired 277 votes (8 percent). That comes as a surprise, doesn’t it? Looks like Sr Bachchan and Jaya B’s liplock at an award show worked for them. Wink!

Anway Aamir and Kiran bagged the fourth position by getting only 57 votes (2 percent), while the last position is secured by Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri with just one percent of the total votes. Well, it’s quite understandable. After all, Uday and Nargis have kept mum about their relationship.

So there you are. Katrina and Ranbir are B-town’s most sizzling couple. But we have been hearing that all is not well between the two lovebirds off lately. If they are reading this, they would surely want to solve all the mess in their relationship, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sunil Sudhakar

    Keep up the hard work!Your favorite Katrina needs to work hard too.Films are the be all and end all for actors.You know it,the actors know it aur yeh public hai,yeh sab jaanti hai.jhooth hai kya aur sach hai kya,yeh sab pehchaanti hai.

  • khushi

    Katrina and Ranbir Most beautiful couple ever. The hottest couple in the world.

    • khushi

      Sorry I mean Ranbir and Deepika is Most beautiful.

  • nikhil kumar

    there is not even a inch of comparison b/w ranbir-kat and ranveer-deepika every1 knows ranbir and kat are the best pair in bollywood

  • umar zebai

    obviously they are more popular because they have been seeing each other for a longer time….

    • umar zebai

      Sorry but Kat is idiot deepika is better actress luv u deep <3

  • heer

    Ranbir and katrina deserve to win this poll , coz they have stood together inspite of all abuses , rediculation from media n salman deepika fans . It takes a strong relationships to stand all the heat of uncertainty n negetivity . If they pass this stage of there relationship. They will have a happy married life and stay happily together always. The best thing about this relationship is the way they are trying to protect there relationship.

  • heer

    A request for bollywood life. Could you guys do lovers tarot for valentines day. For all couples in love this valentines day. Anushka virat , ranveer deepika , ranbir katrina and aditya shraddha. Plz . Its a request

  • was

    yup most certainly the best looking jodi out of all -ranbir katrina

  • radha

    this poll is designed to make this stupid ranbir kathrina win, if there was poll between pair ranbir – deepika and ranbir-katrina, ranbir-deepika would win hands down.

    • ravi

      Ranbir katrina are dating , they are real life couple , why should be ranbir or katrina or deepikas name taken with anybody else offscreen . This poll is for real life couples , husband wife . People who are in love . Its a valentines day poll.

      • radha

        Real life couple??? didnt ranbir katrina broke up? They are not in talking terms according to many websites. So Deepika ranbir has also broken up… or are they together? Well Ranbir – Deepika atleast made it public that they are/were a couple… Ranbir-Katrina never did… so they cant be in this poll..

  • Rashmi

    Well I dont believe in ur stupid polls anymore… Ran-Kat are not bollywood’s fav couple.. It’s Ranveer Deepika who is the most hot favorite couple of everyone from media to fans to industry people.. I know this poll is rigged n I don’t believe ya care a damn about it..

    • najatlovekiss

      let me tell you, deepika nobody no who she is dating, today this one tomorrow that one, so nobody no. katrina and ranbir are together for almost 4 years now,

      • Rashmi

        Everyone knows who is she dating now n it’s Ran-Kat who is playing hide n seek because they themselves are not serious about where their relationship is heading..:P

        • frenny

          Well everybody even knows that ranbir katrina are dating same like everybody know that Ranveer n deepika are dating n both the couple have not agreed that they are dating but ranbir n katrina have spoken openly about there relationship. You just need to know how to read between the lines . But deepika on the other hand has down right rejected anything to do with ranveer.

        • kavita

          Wht happen when deepika n ranbir broke off deepika jumped with next available guy in the sack (sidharth malliya) , thats how deep was her relationship. Dont go on the love filled interviews she gives , scrutinize her behaviour . Actions speak louder than words. Wht happened when ranbir n katrina broke off somewere in between 2010 or 11 . They both waited for each other . A true love dosnt die easily . For a relationship to survive you need two people who want to be with one another.

          • najatlovekiss

            you are right because ranbir and katrina are real in love with each other,

          • disqus_LbX2JOYdkn

            So u agree that they were in relationship in 2010 around when they did ajab prem ki gazab kahani.. So that proves that ranbir cheated deepika at that time while he was shooting for Ajab prem ki gazab kahani with Kat.. And kat cheated on Salman the same time.. There relationship only surfaced after Ibizia Pictures , if that wouldnt have happen everyone thought there relationship was just rumors..Bt after the pics Kat unavailable to answer , cancelled all interviews , wrote letter to media, and all of that..They kept it secret because they didnt wanted to come out as cheater , but the truth came up.. So if someone has broken up with u and if ur thinking of moving on with Mallya , thats wrong , tahts a sin.. But Cheating ur partners is not.. Ok.. You are a true katrina fan..I am just thinking all this Hypothetically , may be m right , may b m wrong.. but if they are both cheaters , they will never ever b happy in any relationship.. Coz if they could leave there Then BF or GF , they can leave each other tooo for someone else..

          • radha

            Well salman cheated on sangeeta bijlani with somi ali few days before marriage , and deepika cheated with yuvi first and than ranbir on nihar pandiya . Nihars mother even came begging for her sons hapoiness on oso sets but deepika just acted rude with her. Nihar caught deepika red handed with ranbir in car , in pali hill , it was a public scene reported by many reporters . as per recent reports. Ranbir katrina are together from 4 years that goes back in 2010 . Deepika n ranbir broke off when ranbir was shooting for ajab prem n deepika for kartik calling karthik . Ranbir had got news of deepika getting too much cozy with her karthik calling katthik actor farhan , n even found few too cozy msgs in her cell phone . Over which ranbir n deepika had fight , which deepika thinks katrina told it to ranbir coz only katrina was present at that party were she was getting too friendly with farhan . Thats why she dosnt like katrina . Katrina and ranbir may have cheated over there respective partners or may have not . But they are in love and they want to spend there life together .thats reason enough , that they sould be together. You cant tie a person with somebody , if they dont want to. Even salman n deepika deserve people who actually live them right .everybody deserves to be loved , why you want them to be with people who will never ever be able to love them. If ranbir n deepika had to get back they would have gotten back during yjhd n if salman n katrina had to get back together , they would have gotten back during ett itself. They were alone shooting at foreign location. It was easy to get back . But just imagine , when they came back ranbir first got back with katrina , I guess coz he was missing her , now thats true love , there is plenty of opertunity to cheat , your ex girlfriend is falling all over you , but you cant keep your mind off from that one girl. Post ranbir n katrinas movie with there exs there relationship became more stronger. One this is very important in relationship both should love one another.

          • disqus_LbX2JOYdkn

            I know salman cheated , and i know it was in news tooo , but katrina told ranbir about deepika getting cozy with farhan is the first time.. farhan is married and very much in love in love with his wife..and nihar and deepika were dating in her modeling days when she was 19 -20s.. deepika didnt even know ranbir untill bachna ae haseeno came then how did nihaar caught her and came to OSO sets.. when OSO came , ranbir was linked to his then debut actor sonam..Deepika came much later on.. and the only reason i can see katrina delaying the news of ranbir and about marrying him coz she herself knows that he cheated deepika , then was with nargis .. rest these are all in news.. god knows whats true , what not.. but if there are really that serious and so much in love since 4 yrs , its high time they shud make it official.. and looking at ranbir at KWK , it seemed like hes the one in love this time and katrina wants to focus on her career..and Yuvi and deepika were just rumours , there is no solid proof..she has been seen with so many boys having dinner , going for a movie is fine , no that she was seen with all these guys in forign counntry in her bikini.

          • Shreya S

            So u believe ranbir nargis rumour but chose to ignore yuvi dp rumours? Wow what a double standard idiot u are!

          • Shreya S

            Whom are you trying to give explanations? These blind deluded deepika fans? They live in their own bubble and consider this two timing cheater chudail deepika a sati savitri. We all know how badly she behaved with nihar and his mom. But who cares. These stupid illogical dp fans wont get it

          • disqus_LbX2JOYdkn

            Well u know something Miss Shreya , i thought anyone can come here and give there opinion here .. u dont have any fucking right to call me or anyone for that matter stupid or idiot..LIke seriously what do u think what u think or assume is absolutely right..I can say the same about u , may b ur someblindfolded katrina’s idiot fan.

        • najatlovekiss

          they dont need to tell you or me, or anybody for that matter that they love each other, you can see they love each other very much, just be honest to yourself, even ranbir said it in KWK

  • ganga

    Ranbir katrina hottest couple of bollywood. They look always cute together.

  • najatlovekiss

    they look good together, when i see them, i want to fall in love, God bless them

  • divya

    ranbir & katrina only

  • janet

    don’t believe in your polls! it is your decision which is shown here!
    who cares !

  • nikhil kumar

    today ranveer for deepika tomorrow some1 else

  • Kity

    Lol..sizzling??katrina looks like ranbir’s aunty..work of p.r team..kyuki kaam to katrina k pas tha nhi dhoom 3 k 2min role k alawa toh usne khudko news me rakhne ke liye khud red chaddi me pics leak krwadi..& guess what,ran-kat se zada attention kat ki red chaddi ko mili hai ;)

    • kamini

      Chaddi pehnke photo deepika ne bhi nikale hai , apne ex sasur malliya ke liye , deepika looks ranveers aunty they both are same age . Katrina n ranbir look made for each other .

  • Palak

    No way! Ranbir katrina bilkul chu lagte h ek sath..skinny boy & fat firangan.buddhi hogayi hai katrina..no more interested in whtevr she does!

  • :P


  • Unknown

    Haha.. Thanks for voting for Ran-Kat and not Ranveer-Deepika because people want to see deepika more in the industry. Katrina deserves to be housewife and cook food, she doesn’t know how to act. She cheated Salman. She was my fav actress but know I got to know how big cheat she is. Cook Kat Cook. Well deserved, we love you deeps and there are millions of boys who love you.

    • radha

      Even salman cheated sangeeta with somy and then somy with ashwariya. Even right now daisy was seen wearing salman extra large shirt , walking of his van and on other hand going around with illulia vantur. Salman kaunsa bada doodh ka dhula hai .Lol. And I hope your wish comes true coz thats wht even katrina wants to be ranbirs wife n raise there kids away from bollywood like a good housewife .

  • saffiya Kalim

    katrina kaif is the best !!!!!!!!!!!

  • milan227

    They may be the hottest couple NOW, but lets face it, how long does anyone think they will last? Everyone keeps shuffling around, only time will tell who will last. What I want to know is which genius thought that Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri sizzle. I mean really?? When one is a flop actor who’s only there in the Dhoom franchise because of nepotism and the other who has as much expression as a block of wood. Sizzle? More like fizzle…

  • Melodysonglovealot

    Hahaha this is stupid and garbage ranbir and Katrina are the worst Jodi possible cuz mat so ugly and there was no option for deepika and ranbir and if there was there would be no beating them cuz everyone knows how much deepika loves ranbir cuz look at her rk tatto

    • Shreya S

      Black witch deepika and her chaprasi bf ranveer are the worst pair. Bloody toilet cleaners


    Katrina is a fkn hoe….. despite knowing that ranbir was taken, this hoe still went after himm..LIKE GIRL NOOO U DONT JUST GO GET SOMEONE ELSES MAN, THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG AND I HONESTLY HOPE KARMA COMES AND BITES U IN THE ASS, U AVERAGED LOOKING WHORE!! LMAOO ranbir kapoor is a ladies man..wtf makes katrina think that he is going to stay with her after all his previous history!! it is only so much u can dance and shake ur ass in front of him to stay..he will prolly end up ditching you anyways!! HONESTLY BREAKING SOMEONE ELSES RELATIONSHIP FOR UR MEANS JUST MAKES U SOO DEGRADED IN PPL’s eyes… like wtf CHILL UR PANTIES GIRL! GO BUY URSELF A BRITISH GUY AND SETTLE DOWN b/c u aint getting anywhere with that average looking facee!! WTFF is wrong with ppl thinking she is beautiful..she has a good body so do many women…doesnt make them the most beautiful girl…and NO IM NOT JEALOUS! Im just saying how can people not see that nasty personality behind that so called “beautiful face”. SHOCKED :/