Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh: Who can replace Shahrukh Khan as the King of Romance?

Posted Fri, November 23, 2012 11:24am IST

Baadshah Shahrukh Khan refuses to be typecast as THE romantic hero of B-town. And while that fact did break our collective heart, we realised that finding a suitable replacement was the only and best possible option left to us now

Recently we had Shahrukh Khan getting miffed over the one fact that all his fans took for granted – he is undoubtedly the King of Romance! He set the record straight, perhaps for the first time in his life in Bollywood by saying, “I hated to be (called) just the King of Romance.” “Nahiiiin,” many screamed, exactly like Kirron Kher did in Om Shanti Om. But alas, the Baadshah said it and that left us with no choice but to accept the bitter truth.

So now there’s a vacant slot in the Bollywood pantheon for a future (Now? No, not yet, no!) King of Romance. And it’s sad to let it remain so painfully empty, no? So we made a feeble but meaningful attempt at filling this space with other B-towners – Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Imran Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Arjun Rampal – that we think will be able to deliver the perfect SRK-ishtyle punch. And for that it’s necessary for the to-be King of Romance to have certain physical qualities that would help ease the aching emptiness Mr Khan will leave behind.

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  • dona

    Definitely shahid kapoor


    ranbir kapoor

  • Rajesh padhi

    Shahidkapoor is the best not just in romance but in every kind of role.

  • ImSRK

    No one can replace The King of Hearts…that is ShahRukh sir!!!

  • chintha

    Yea We cant replace SRK. But Shahid kapoor will be interesting topic in future………
    According to me he has talent to act in every role.

  • kumudu

    Shahid kapoor can be reached. He looks almost perfect. But No one can compare SRK……….

  • vanya

    shahid kapoor !

  • Liz

    In Romance definitely shahid kapoor…………….

    Why not he is superb.

  • abha

    because he idls the best even from srk and amir.
    He is the real king of romance!

  • Vijay

    Srk is the king of romance and no body can replace him

  • meghani

    Ranbir Kapoor

  • Jodi

    Shahid Kapoor

  • preeth

    shahid kapoor the best

  • Sahir

    No One can replace The Real King _ SRK

  • Sahir

    Shahid is a PRINCE
    Shahid is better then Ranbir
    Need good scripts, banners & stories

  • Oma

    shahid is the best out of the newcomers

  • srk fans

    shahrukh khan irreplaceable as the king of romance, he always remained king of romantic movies, he has become a legend in the world, so please do not make posts like this .. let him remain the king of romance.we would be very disappointed if the title was separated from her

  • paddy

    well…nobdy can replace the king khan….SRK..but still i’ll vote for Ranbeer kapoor..!

  • glenda

    SRK is the best in Bollywood. But in future I think shahid kapoor . In romance he proved it already.

  • avinash wankar

    shahid kapoor….

  • nitesh ray

    only shahid kapoor

  • khalid maroc

    Shame on you O Indians disarm this title of Shah Rukh Khan, the him this title, we Arabs give him the title of king of the world

  • Isabella

    Shahied Kapoor diffidently!! He can act very well, he is very charming,and hot!

  • s.rama krishna

    No One can replace The Real King _ SRK . he is only one king of the wold ….. in love love love lts ………….

  • uche

    i love everyfin about india most especially there pride
    i am proud of you.

  • Indira

    If it is very neutrally considered then thru looks&acting skill,Shahid Kapoor is the most eligible contender.But alas media is always lacking the feet of of the ones who comes from rich&influencial family as they get the benefit of getting the best script&directors&thereby gets some B.O. hits.But that shud not be the criteria to be a top rated actor.But alas! In India this is the rotten culture.

    • FM

      after shahrukh khan,
      Shahid Kapoor can be the king of romance. because he kind a
      immitate SRK.so i believe he acts well than all the listed above…… because he is going the same path of SRK heheh

  • takskus

    obly…..he is the king..:)

    • takskus

      ranbir kapoor

      • sonu sharma

        my faviter actor ranbir kapoor

  • simran

    nobody can replace him because he is the king of romance

  • emma

    I think shahid kapoor. His facial expressions are very natural. Among the others he is incredible

  • rooj

    No one can replace SRK ever.
    they can make their own place but no one can replace him even if he refuses.

  • kanika

    not at all no body can not replace SRK

    • kanika_M

      hey kanika u have my name. Wow

  • dona

    I am also SRK Fan, but if we want to select one I think shahid kapoor will be the perfect.

  • asha

    No one can replace anything!! There is only one King…that is KING KHAN SRK!

  • sanjay

    shahid kapoor ia the most talented and good looking among the younger actors so its shahid.

  • Shammy

    No one can replace Shahrukh! He is the ultimate king of Romance and he will always be!

  • page

    We all love SRK as king of romance. But in younger age shahid kapoor’s talent show he can reach there. Not Exactly what SRK has but also in different way. I think Majority of people love Shahid kapoor in his romance acting. He already made his own path.

    • sanjana

      imran khan and ranbir kapoor ha ha ha you have a very good sense of humour


    It is very difficult for Shahid Kapoor to relace Shah Rukh Khan as the king of romance since we have not seen even the glimpse of that romance in any of his films. Where as the two actors who can deliver are Imran Khan and Randhir Kapoor.
    Best of luck for this younger generation actors

  • jb

    no way!! the way shahrukh romances on screen cant be replaced… he was, is and will be the ultimate!

  • jazmin _khan


  • KK

    SRK is irreplaceable. A joker like Shahid can’t even act properly. What a pointless article. Anyone who even has basic knowledge of Indian cinema will laugh at the suggestion!

  • judy

    We can give our opinion for anybody. I am not an Indian but we all love to watch bollywood movies like other movies. I was really wonder reading some suggestions like shahid kapoor can’t act. I felt like Bollywood awards Judge Panels do not have basic knowledge of Indian cinema because, why then Shahid Kapoor nominated two times as Best Actor. That’s True he can act.We can’t replace SRK actually. But when time comes we have to retire. That not mean SRK lost his value. He is the King of Bollywood.
    My Opinion is Shahid Kapoor has talent to be the King of Romance.

  • usmn

    nothing is impossible …but at present SRK is irreplacable!

  • Newzealand Crew

    Nice tropic. We are live in NewZealand and not Indian. Actually we watched majority of Bollywood movies when SRK,AK, were there. Because we all love them. After we read this article we select one romantic movie from each actor and watch in our holydays. Wow how nice and talented everybody. Made, us to keep on watching Bollywood Movies. Tx for all actors.
    But………… we have to tell something. When we were watching movie called Vivah at the end it made everybody cry. Especially teenagers and it changed lot of their mind. There were around 10 of us and 8 of votes for shahid kapoor and 2 for Ranbir Kapoor.
    While SRK still in our mind as bollywood king, we love all other actors as well.
    Tx again

  • magnu coutinho

    they are really looking awsome

  • Fahmida

    I know he hasnt been in many movies to be judged for acting but I know its gonna be Arjun Kapoor.. he has manly looks to die for.. especially his gaze,body expressions.. definite runner up for King of Romance in the future.. just watch Ishaqzade. But from this list of actors Shahid Kapoor.. but why is HRITHIK ROSHAN NOTTT on the list!!!!!!!

  • nidhin


  • nm

    Ranbir Kapoor all the way..
    but not to mention
    does he care about it?
    guess not..

  • sada

    He is young, but is real a master in acting:one and only RANBIR.When you take an examination and the result you get is the award of your hard work.Ranbir is taking alls the AWARD so he is the better and will rules for decade.