Ranbir Kapoor’s scally cap style in Barfi: uber cute

The Kapoor kid looks charming in the promos of Barfi. Playing pranks and hopping around, Ranbir’s signature golf cap complements his onscreen bratty behavior perfectly

The actor plays a deaf-mute character in the film. Parading around with a hint of mischief on his face, Ranbir’s simple styling wins our hearts. So while the modest sleeveless sweater brings to fore his no-frills lifestyle, his golf (scally) cap highlights his romantic and impish side. The Rockstar dude carries this vintage style in an amazingly confident manner, and considering the movie is set in the ’70s, Kapoor and his stylist do a brilliant job of taking a style route that’s so unfamiliar today.

Ranbir goes retro when he teams up his cap with a pencil moustache. He romances like no one’s watching, laughs his heart out like no one’s listening and has fun without any reservations. It’s time we take our caps off to this cute dude!