Ranbir, Ranveer or Imran: Who can fit into Shahid Kapoor’s dancing shoes?

Posted Wed, November 23, 2011 2:30pm IST

Bollywood without song and dance is like dal without tadka. Imagine if we did not have groovy beats and pulsating moves, how would Shahrukh Khan woo his lady love or Hrithik Roshan show off his to-die-for abs? But now that there is a younger, fitter, more chilled out and clued in generation in B-town, who can step into the dancing shoes of the best of the best, Shahid Kapoor? We are, of course, not writing off the Dance Pe Chance hero just yet, but we are looking at the current breed of actors to find our next big dancing star…

Every time Hrithik Roshan or Shahid Kapoor gets on the dance floor, he sets it on fire with those energetic and effortless leaps, slides, turns and twists, all added to some nifty nuances and more fancy footwork. While the women can’t stop swooning, men go green as they try to hustle and jive like B-town’s best. The kinetic twists and tangles to melodious tunes and complex rhythms is what sets Bollywood apart from various cinemas of the world. And as a new breed of talent enters the industry, we wonder who will take over the title of dance ke sabse bada superstar…

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  • pratik

    shahid dance kar rahe hai to
    yeh to sabse acha hoga