Ranbir’s middle finger gets censor board nod!

The board had no problems with the scene and cleared the film’s promo in a blink

Remember how Rani Mukerji’s shot in No One Killed Jessica, where she shows the middle finger, had got into trouble with the censor board early this year? Well, the board seems have had a change of heart since then. The Central Board of Film Certification saw Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar yesterday and have cleared the film without demanding any changes in the elaborate scene where Ranbir is quite clearly showing his middle finger at the crowd and then at the camera. The shot is part of an important scene which establishes the transformation in Ranbir’s character and cutting it would have caused a lot of grief to director Imtiaz Ali. So we are quite pleased with the liberal stand the censor board has taken. But we are also a bit confused about how the board decides to not pass the exact same shot in one film and then give a green signal in the next one! Strange, ain’t it?