Randeep Hooda kisses a man again: see pic as proof!

After kissing Saqib Saleem in Bombay Talkies, the actor has now locked lips with co-star Sikander in John Day

After locking lips with a man in Bombay Talkies (with co-star Saqib Saleem), Randeep has done it again. This time in John Day! While there’s no kiss between him and leading lady Elena Kazan in the film, there is a lip-lock with his male co-star Sikander.

Stardust magazine happened to stumble upon the scoop picture. Says Editor Ramkamal Mukherjee, “I think Bollywood is finally maturing, this picture is a proof of that.”

Randeep is setting a benchmark for fellow actors as he gets into the skin of the character. Kissing is no more a big deal.

Recently actor Imran Khan stated, ‘If you ask Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise or Brat Pitt whether they’ve kissed in a film, they would not even acknowlege the question!’ Gay kisses or man-to-man lip lock make headlines in Indian society, otherwise it’s just another love story… However, people are now gradually accepting the ‘alternate’ relationships.”

Director of John Day, Ashishor Solomon says, “The core of the film is about the fact that there’s a beast hidden inside every man and behind the beast there’s a story. In John Day, Randeep represents evil. He’s a violent, vengeful and bitter man who during an inter-gang fight, gets so angry that he kisses Sikander, who refuses to divulge details.

An incensed Randeep kisses the man, bites his tongue and spits it out! Randeep is as mad as me maybe more, so he wasn’t apprehensive about locking lips! When we were discussing his character and I described the scene he just asked me why. When I explained why, he said, ‘lets do it’ Since we shot the kiss from many angles we had to shoot it several times.”

Photo: Stardust / DNA | Text: DNA