Rangeelay new poster: Neha Dhupia at her cheery best

Neha Dhupia is sporting funky nail colours in the new poster of Rangeelay. The vibrant shades truly stand out in the black and white image and Ms D looks super cool in that casual kurti

The Neha Dhupia-Jimmy Shergill starrer Rangeelay looks like a fun Punjabi flick. Jimmy is this cool guy who tries really hard to woo the oh-so-hot and glamorous Neha throughout the film. The two had appeared together in Delhii Heights (2007), and although the movie was a dud at the box office, the duo looked pretty cute as they romanced each other on screen. And now we get see them as these unusual lovers after so many years in Rangeelay.

Neha is seen creating a stripe of blue, yellow and orange on her face with her fingers. Showing off her stylish nail art, D looks like she’s cheering for something – her own film, perhaps!

There’s this scene in the promo in which Neha says one should always take up challenges in life. So the new poster pretty much reflects her bold and fiery nature. Are you already hooting and whistling for this Punjabi kudi?

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