Rangrasiya: Does Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma’s chemistry work?


The show went on air yesterday and people have already begun talking about it!

Sanaya Irani’s chemistry with Farhan Khan in her last show Chhanchhan, became a bone of contention when Farhan accused her of being indifferent to him. The actor blamed Sanaya for the lack of chemistry between them, which obviously affected his performance.

The actor was replaced by Anuj Sachdeva. While their chemistry managed to somewhat click with the audience, it was a little too late in the day for the change. Coming back to Rangrasiya, Sanaya is paired opposite Ashish Sharma in this love and hate saga being produced by Saurabh Tiwari.

The first episode went on air yesterday and we were kinda impressed. The two may have shared screen space for a total of only one minute, but somehow we feel that this will be the next Barun-Sanaya kinda jodi in the making. Sanaya who plays Paro, is a sweet, innocent, caring and a typical gaav ki chori while Rudra (Ashish) is a brash, tough and brute character.

The show has just begun and knowing the makers we are sure the chemistry between the couple is going to grown ten folds. What do you think Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • diamond kb

    i like sanya irani a lot but i always love barun and sanaya jodi!!! they are very special.

    • Manisha Odari

      I agree with you diamond ….

  • anitha

    rudra paro will be cherished as much as arnav khushi. chemistry is mindblowing in the first episode even though they share very little screen time. The soundtrack made me cry it was so touching

  • Shy

    I agree anitha, the soundtrack was definitely touching

    • ladli

      very nice

      • ladli

        nice episod rang rasiya

  • Fahmida Sharmin Pranto

    sanaya ,the back ground music everything was nice..bt childhood story was a bit simillar to ipkknd..may b sanaya and ashish will create good onscreen chemistry..bt no one can ever replace barun and sanaya n their on screen charm

    • ♥ღRadiate♥♡♥Loveღ♥

      I agree. They look like they will definitely surpass the chemistry in ChannChann but never join the level of the Barun-Sanaya chemistry. It seems as though their chemistry will create magic. I am very excited to see what the future holds for Rang Rasiya. I fell in love with the show already. It’s something new and proves Sanaya’s ability to be versatile and excel at any given role. It’ll probably land up as my second favorite show of all time.. beating Kitani Mohabbat Hai but slightly behind Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Sanaya seems like she can create magic with anyone.. that is IF they corporate and put in as much effort.. unlike Farhan Khan in ChannChann who accused her and held her solely responsible for the lack of chemistry and the lack of audience of the show. Thus, I would like to see I’m highly anticipated for this show.. and am really looking forward to. I loved Ashish since Rab Se Sona Ishq and Sanaya since Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. They are both indeed one of the finest actor/actress in the tv soap industry. Hopefully, they can gain enough attention and appeal as a couple in the show.. if not as close to Arshi.. it’ll be good to at least keep the audience entertained and glued for new episodes which I’m positive they will be capable of doing. I think this show is going to create a milestone.. maybe not as big as Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon has done but definitely somewhere around there. The effort is evident. Lets just hope it is something we love regardless. Ok I hope I haven’t too much to confuse you all. Overall.. to summarize I would like to say: This show will do great, I have faith. Their chemistry is going to be amazing.. but not as amazing as Barun-Sanaya. I love them and the show and hope that it does extremely well. <– Ok now I'm done venting :) xx

  • anusha

    sanaya rocked with barun and niow she will rock with ashish.

  • anusha

    happy to see sanaya and hope this paro and rudra will be more fomous then devdas and paro of devdas.

  • Nusrat Zaman

    noooooooooooooo neverrrrrrrrrrrrr………

  • Manisha Odari

    I hope sanaya will rock in this show too

  • Mahi Arora

    The chemistry of Sanaya & Ashish will be nxt big lead pair on TV after Sanaya & Barun!!!

  • Sherry

    Let’s hope Sanaya doesn’t become too big for her boots. She treated Farhan badly.

  • Thaathi

    There can never be another Sanaya-Barun kinda chemistry. It was out of this world. But RangRasiya seems like a great show. Totally lived up to the high expectations of the exciting promos. Storyline is great too. I have my fingers crossed. They look good together. I hope they make a great pair and cant wait for more episodes. :)

  • Shy

    I also love sanaya and barun as kushi and arnav but there is something about sanaya and ashish as rudra and paro, which I like, their chemistry is definitely working and after every episode, I’ve been getting excited for the next one and I think this is not only because of the actors but as well the story.

  • Asha

    Ashish and Sanaya are THE BEST hands down! Their chemistry is just woowww!!

  • Zee

    I like Sanaya’s chemistry with Ashish better than her chemistry with Barun. I think Ashish is an amazing actor but Barun not so much (no offense to anyone, it’s just my personal opinion).