Rangrasiya vs Beintehaa: Harshad Arora and Ashish Sharma to battle each other!

The lead actors of Colors’ two popular shows will compete with each other in a cricket match

Rangrasiya and Beintehaa might air on the same channel, but these two hugely popular TV shows are competing against each other on the TRP charts. And now the competition has moved to the cricket field, it seems. From what we hear, the male leads of both the shows, Ashish Sharma (Rudra) and Harshad Arora (Zain) will battle each other in a cricket match. But just in case you thought that this is a very serious and intense competition, then you are clearly wrong. It will be a friendly cricket match that will be played to celebrate the completion of 100 episodes of these two soaps.

We also hear that the actors and unit members to take part in the match have already started net practice. The teams of Rangrasiya and Beintehaa practice on their respective sets after the shoot hours. Special jerseys for the players and cheer leaders with their names printed on them have been made. The match will take place amidst flood lights post evening on May 16 at the Goregaon Sports Club.

Not only Colors, but people at Zee TV too are struck with the cricket fever as they have come up with their own cricket tournament called Zee 20 Cricket League. It will have the most sought-after actors from all its prime-time shows come together on the cricket field. They will be split into two teams led by Raj (Mishkat Varma) and Samarth (Navi Bhangu), the protagonists of the show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya who will battle it out in a 20-over match. The man who wins the match will walk away with the heroine Avani. Isn’t that an amazing concept?

Since cricket is considered as a religion in India, the idea of blending TV soaps with the gentleman’s game is quite impressive, hai na?