Rangrasiya: Will Rudra believe that Paro tried to kill his father?

Colors show Rangrasiya is catering the high action and drama needs of its audience

While everybody was looking forward to the wedding between the show’s lead pair Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro (Sanaya Irani), this couple journey forward has a lot more complications and troubles. Thakur Tejawat (Tarun Khanna) and Sunheri (Khushboo Thakkar) ensure that the couple have enough misunderstanding to last them at least another few episodes. After Rudra’s father Dilsher tries to save Paro’s imposter in the fire, he suffers major injuries and is taken to the hospital. The severe injuries land Dilsher in coma. Paro has already upset Rudra by going with Teja, who has now revealed the truth about her family’s death. Teja later tries to attack Paro with a gun, but Paro escapes.

In the meanwhile Sunheri tells Rudra that it is Parvati who set his father on fire and is to be held responsible for his current condition. Will Rudra believe that Paro tried to kill his father? Will there be more misunderstandings between the lead pair in the coming days? Or will Paro prove her innocence and win back Rudra’s love and respect? Watch this space to find out all the updates and more on Rangrasiya