Rangrezz official trailer: It’s all about friendship!

Come January 2013 and Priyadarshan will probably give his audience gyan on how ‘friendship’ is the most cherished relationship of one’s life. Anyone interested?

The makers of F.A.L.T.U. have again come together make a film on – no need to hold your breath – friends. But before you go ho-hum on this one, hear this – it’s a story of three friends and how they fight against all odds, the main ‘odd’ being a friend’s girlfriend getting married to someone else as per her parents’ wishes. Sigh! Now do you really feel like yawning? Well, we did.

What’s more, going by the rule book such films usually follow, there are speeches that impeccably romanticise friendship. One such dialogue goes – Kisine sach hi kaha hai dosti ek rishta hai jo insaan khud banata hai, baaki sab rishte toh apne aap hi ban jaate hai (someone has said the truth that friendship is the only relationship a person makes on his own, remaining relationships get build on their own). Unique? Hatke? Ho-hum!

The movie also promises a Govinda song that wethinks will be all about the festive spirit and in a setting where all emotions will reach yet another high. Sigh!

But having said all that, we still don’t want to write the movie off completely. And that’s ‘coz we have Rajpal Yadav mouthing some really funny lines and filmmaker Priyadarshan backing the film. But will the maker’s magic be able to revamp a stale storyline? Watch the trailer of Rangrezz and tell us what you think, readers!

Rangrezz is produced by Vashu Bhagnani and stars Jackky Bhagnani and Priya Anand.