RANGREZZ poster: Jackky Bhagnani goes rustic

Directed by Priyadarshan, the movie, which co-stars Priya Anand, is slated to hit the big screen on March 13

Unlike in his previous films F.A.L.T.U. and Ajab Ghazab Love, Jackky Bhagnani has a very down to earth look in Rangrezz…or so the poster shows.

Obviously he is not playing a very flamboyant character in this one, directed by Priyadarshan. Jackky looks like a regular guy off the street, in his half sleeved shirts and with a black thread around his neck. Out with the glamour and in with reality quotient, it seems. Surprisingly, our young hero looks very comfortable in the skin of his character – which is a first for the actor, no?

The story of Rangrezz revolves around friendship and how much anyone can stretch the boundaries of the relationship. In the movie, Jackky kidnaps a girl for his best friend and tries to get them married. Going against the family is definitely not taken lightly in these parts of the country, so you have goons running behind the hero to kill him. But our daredevil main man dodges bullets and outruns the baddies like he is some kinda superman. Watch the trailer if you don’t believe us!

En route to the finish in all this confusion, Jackky finds the love of his life – Priya Anand. He juggles the responsibilities of being the perfect boyfriend and the best possible friend to his best buds. What confusion!

While we don’t know if it’s a happy ending for Jackky or not, it’s surely not going to be easy getting there! So will the Bhagnanis make a mark with this movie? Guess we’ll find out soon enough…