Rangrezz song Dil ko aaya sukoon: Jackky Bhagnani and Priya Anand romance to a melodious number

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan croons to yet another mushy number that will make your hearts go ‘hmmm’…

The latest song Dil ko aaya sukoon from Rangrezz is a part-fantasy part-reality number where onscreen lovers Jackky Bhagnani and Priya Anand showcase their cute romantic moments and dreams. While we found the ‘real’ moments to be actually ‘awww’ inducing, the dream world made us smile – not that mushy, toothy grin, but an amused one.

In the fantasy world, the lead actors wear plastic-sheened outfits and hang on to a rope a la Tarzan and swing to and fro. Hehehe…amusing. We also have Jackky doing some entertaining steps to the decently paced rhythm of this song.

The music of Dil ko aaya sukoon is definitely above average. We likes. Top it with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice and the composition of Sajid-Wajid and you have a delightful romantic number in hand.

Take a look at this video and tell us: Does Dil ko aaya sukoon take you to the dreamy world?

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