Rani Mukerji: I am quite a dreamer

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Rani Mukerji: I am quite a dreamer

The Aiyyaa actor says she dreams of getting married and having a house with her husband

Her dream of making a house for her life partner remains unfulfilled, says Rani Mukerji, drawing an interesting comparison between herself and her character in her forthcoming film Aiyyaa. Rani is a dreamer and so is Meenakshi Deshpande, her character in Aiyyaa that releases October 12. “I am quite a dreamer. I think we all are dreamers. We all don’t like to live a practical life all the time. There is a thin line between our hopes and dreams,” Rani said, highlighting the similarities between the two.

“My dream of making a beautiful house for my parents has been fulfilled and my dream of making a house for my husband is still there.” Asked when she planned to fulfill the dream, Rani said on a philosophical note, “I don’t know. Death, birth and marriage are the three things that you cannot plan and predict. When it will happen, it will happen.”

Rani, 34, who has completed 15 years in filmdom and has more than 40 films to her credit, feels that she has evolved as a person. However, she leaves it to the audience to decide how much she has evolved as an actor. “But I have evolved as a person as well. It’s not humanly possible for anyone not to go through changes. Change is a constant in everyone’s life, even in mine. I have enjoyed the change at every stage of my life,” said Rani in an interview.

Directed by Sachin Kundalkar, Aiyyaa revolves around a middle-class Maharashtrian girl who falls in love with a South Indian boy, played by Southern star Prithviraj.

Rani feels that Meenakshi is “a sweet and endearing character and she dreams a lot”. “She falls in love with a Tamil guy because of the way he smells. It’s a unique concept about a love story,” said the actor, adding that she would love to act in a Southern film with Prithviraj if she was offered a good role. “Every role is easy. As an actor it is my job to make my job easy. If I start hyper ventilating about my roles, then how will I do it? So with all my roles, somewhere I feel comfortable about them and that is why I play them.”

Entertaining masses is Rani’s aim. “I think the success of a film is very important to an actor. It depends on how many people go to watch your movies; the more the merrier. Nobody wants to do a film for five people. You work so hard that millions of people watch the movie; this is directly related to box office success.”

Rani admits that her career has been influenced by a lot of people in the industry. “There are a lot of people who have been there for me. Right from my first heroes Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan to my directors Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mani Ratnam and now Sachin. I am growing with my experience of working with different directors and co-stars. As an actor, I am supposed to learn. The day I stop learning, I will stagnate,” she said.

Of course, she chooses her films carefully. Her last film was No One Killed Jessica in January 2011. “At different stages in your career, you choose different films. You sign the films which will make a difference in your career; you don’t sign everything,” she said.Subscribe to me on YouTube

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