Rani Mukerji lashes out at Simi Garewal

The actor, who recently made an appearance on Simi’s India’s Most Desirable, lost her cool when she was persistently prodded to talk about her relationship with the elusive Aditya Chopra

“There’s a lot I know about you too, which of course you wouldn’t want me to bring up.” Yes, this is what Rani Mukerji said in order to shut her interrogator up. As Simi Garewal refused to budge and continued to cross-examine Rani on what her relationship status with the extremely private director Aditya Chopra is, the actor counter-attacked and warned her host that if she goes on with this kind of hogwash, she will have to spill the beans about Simi’s personal life too. Rumours suggest that initially the flow of the show was pretty smooth and it was all hunky dory; but later things got heated up between the two and it all happened in front of the studio audience that witnessed the spicy brawl. Apparently the actor has asked the makers of the show to cut that portion, as she doesn’t want the whole nation watch this ugly confrontation. We must say that after years of being in the industry Rani hasn’t yet learned the art of being diplomatic. By taking the downright aggressive route, this snooty Bollywood queen has proved that she is incapable of being tactful and polite. It seems that veteran host Simi carried on with the conversation in her usual polished manner and saccharine sweet tone. She tried to show that she was quite unperturbed by the unpleasant episode, but that doesn’t exactly seem to be the case. Simi’s calm and composed mask didn’t last for too long – we figured that when we heard that she has decided that she will drop this particular episode altogether. Now this is what all the birdies out there have chirped happily into our ears – since we were not there ourselves, we don’t know what the reality of this ‘real chat show’ is, it just might be another publicity stunt to garner TRPs.What do you think?