Rani Mukerji looks vulgar: Bollywoodlife readers think so!

The results of the poll that we conducted recently on Rani Mukerji’s look in Aiyyaa is out, and trust us, the verdict is shocking!

Well, shocking ‘coz the Bong babe’s fan base is as vast as the accumulated cellulite in her body. And what’s ironical is:  when we gave our harsh opinions on Rani’s look in her next film, her fans literally condemned us for speaking our minds. The shocking part is that the result of the poll is an absolute antithesis to the kind of reactions the readers gave.

The sexy and disastrous categories in the poll have got the same number of votes. Very few people were in a mood to give Rani the benefit of the doubt. And a considerable number of voters think she looks awesome in Aiyyaa.

We must say that the Queen has created quite a stir with her garish looks. While some people are in awe of her boldness and want to kill us for coming up with straightforward statements, there are also a few who agree with us completely. All we can say is: cool minds think alike!

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