Rani Mukerji looks vulgar: Bollywoodlife readers think so!

Rani Mukerji looks vulgar: Bollywoodlife readers think so!

The results of the poll that we conducted recently on Rani Mukerji’s look in Aiyyaa is out, and trust us, the verdict is shocking!

Well, shocking ‘coz the Bong babe’s fan base is as vast as the accumulated cellulite in her body. And what’s ironical is:  when we gave our harsh opinions on Rani’s look in her next film, her fans literally condemned us for speaking our minds. The shocking part is that the result of the poll is an absolute antithesis to the kind of reactions the readers gave.

The sexy and disastrous categories in the poll have got the same number of votes. Very few people were in a mood to give Rani the benefit of the doubt. And a considerable number of voters think she looks awesome in Aiyyaa.

We must say that the Queen has created quite a stir with her garish looks. While some people are in awe of her boldness and want to kill us for coming up with straightforward statements, there are also a few who agree with us completely. All we can say is: cool minds think alike!

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  • Pawan Tanwar

    Very SAXY Lady

    • ex rani fan

      No one gives her roles. SO she is desperate. Copying a typical South Indian film with jatka and matka and visual innuendo.

      Nothing endearing, except more disgust.

      • Sony

        She looks disgusting in Aiyya. How can one opt for a C grade look… Very bad is all I can say.

        • rahul

          when u dont know anything about movies u are advised to shut up.ur above sentence proves how disgusting u are.

          • Sony

            As if u have done a Phd in movies.

          • Sony

            As if u have done Phd in movies!!

        • Aarti

          And again, I will say. So its hot and sexy when Katrina or Anoushka or Kareena does it. But wait! Rani is 34! Gosh, how disgusting of her to give her fellow actresses a run for their money. And what? She’s actually succeeding?!!! She danced better than Katrina in Sheila?!!! OMG cheee she is sooo disgusting! Katrina as Sheila was so decent – with her pants that were so low, and her tops which were half cut and her goodies spilling out – oh wait haha she looked that decent in Chameli too! See, she is sooo nice. Rani should learn a thing or two from her. Wow, Rani! You are so disgusting! -____- really dude? please. you’re lame.

      • rahul

        u r an ex rani fan so we dont need ur advice whose ever fan u are tell her that.

        • ginipo

          Rani looks plain vulgar. Really disappointed with Rani. She doesn’t need to compare herself with Vidya Balan. Both are strong actresses. She should just be herself. Rani we love you

  • raj

    batao na kis actress has paid you to write against rani?batatiye na plz,bataiya ne(in rani istyle)

  • Ralph

    She is NOT just vulgar, she is disgusting. And this is coming from a white guy in New York.

    • Stacey

      I can’t think of a single white guy (let alone any New Yorker black, yellow, brown, whatever) that would say she is vulgar unless they are uncomfortable with women who are proud of their body. You sure your not from some backward state like Arizona?

      • SHOEB

        Good, take him to the corner

    • rahul

      disgusting as in obama or bush or u.

    • Saurabh

      I second your view mate! Such furore about such pathetic performance. She looks sickeningly off color with garish, tasteless and pathetic gyrations.

  • Stacey

    Ugh, STOP TROLLYWOODLIFE. Stop condemning women for being proud of their bodies. Stop saying a woman is vulgar for showing their skin.

  • Ashutosh Singh

    She does not look vulgar. It’s your mindset which looks vulgar. You guys will stoop to anything to grab attention. Rani is pretty and attractive.

  • Afzal

    She is trying to copy vidya balan (dirty picture) to come back to her lost fame.
    All the rani mukherji..

  • Bhat Gopalakrishna

    Really beutiful

  • Sudha Ravichander

    I have never seen Rani in these kind of costumes,but I think she’s kind of okay…I dont understand this tag of being sexy and vulgar,what’s important is the performance of the actor….I dont think the rest matters.

  • vikki

    And she was calling Aiyya a Family film, hahhaaha what a joke
    With all her seductive expressions and BIG belly button which she is displaying in desperation.
    Actresses should accept their age gracefully as there is no one on earth who does not age nothing to feel shy about.
    Just look at Hemaji, Dimple ji all those beautiful actresses who do roles suiting their age and dignity

    • rahul

      u know when a person reaches ones marriage period he or she thinks about the dream person with whom they want to get married and most of them go to a fantasy world,so the movie is like that …u can ask your mom or sis or even ur dad and u will understand anyways rani is 33

  • biswajit das

    Kitne paise khilaya aglogoko rani ki badnam karneke liye?aur actress nahi mila.last me queen of hearts ko hi mila?2logoko vagwan dekhega

  • rahul

    rani and vulgar…breaking news anyways u can write as much as u want to satisfy your cool mind but we all know how wrong u all are,please if u cant admire her as an actress please admire her as a human.u gys are hell bent to prove her vulgar or bring her in bad light why? did she not give u any interviews.COOL GUYS TAKE A CHILL PILL

  • Pallab

    What is the reason for such kind of pole????whoever has done this must has a mental problem

  • Pallab

    What is the reason for such kind of pole????whoever has done this must have a mental problem

  • DMX (USA)

    Are you totally brain-dead ? Where is the vulger part ? I think you have some serious mental problem ! To all of her fans, she looks as elegant, vibrant, and full of life as any one at her age could be ! Now – go and beat it you A**hole !

    • Abyss

      Why don’t u fu*k urself.

  • alice

    Rani is an awesome actress! There is no point of comparing her to vidya balan coz they bth are gud actresses but i feel Rani hv dne quite challenging role in ‘Black’ and proved she can really really act! Nd nw cumin to ‘aiyya’,i lvd the promos! Its fun ya! Her belly movies are gr8. Why can’t we jst enjy the fun part she is delivering us through her act rather than calling her Vulgar!

  • Aarti

    Ohhh haha ok so it’s ok if Katrina, Kareena, Anoushka, Priyanka, and Deepika wear practically no clothes and bikinis and bikini tops with shorts or skirts that are barely there, or dresses that are shorter than most normal people’s t-shirts. But if Rani wears something that shows more skin than what people are used to seeing her in, then suddenly it’s vulgar? If the others do it, then it’s hot. She is like 10 years older than those girls, and she looks wayy hotter and more beautiful. Plus, get this – she can act and dance, too – didnt you notice that, people?! What hypocrites people are!!!

  • santhu

    rani is not looking too hot .

  • Rheya

    Rani looks fab in Aiyaa…can she look any other way???…. doesn’t matter what you guys or the readers think……:P

  • Swapnali Narkar

    Rani looks awesome in Aiyyaa. Beautiful same like Maharashtrian girl.

  • nancy

    rani is cute and the best actress in bollywood……….