Rani Mukerji’s look in Aiyyaa: Sexy, raunchy, vulgar or plain disastrous?

Rani Mukerji’s look in Aiyyaa: Sexy, raunchy, vulgar or plain disastrous?

The Bong babe’s over-the-top acting and garish style is under the scanner already. Her infuriating histrionics and bold make-up is making people wonder if watching Aiyyaa will be worth the time and effort. And while they mull over it, we examine what we like and dislike about Ms Mukerji’s look and style in the film

Until the promos of Aiyyaa started doing the rounds of  TV channels, we thought Rani was the kind of actor who didn’t need to try too hard when it comes to pleasing people with her thespian skills. But looks like Ms Mukerji is in no mood to be anything close to subtle in her next film: Aiyyaa, where she’s seen taking the out-and-out gaudy route and that too quite unabashedly. Her expressions spell slapstick and her dance moves reek of desperation. The simple chick from Saathiya is not simple any more. It looks like, in a bid to be ape Vidya Balan’s spicy nakhras and match up to Kareena’s Halkat jawaani, the authentic Rani has lost her unique flavour along the way.

Dreamum Wakeuppam is entertaining; the lyrics make us want to jump off our seats and shake our booty like no one’s watching and we also love Rani’s energy in the song. But there are certain moves which make us cringe and all her thrusting and thumping make us pucker our lips. She looks much thinner in Savaa dollar and that makes us heave a sigh of happiness. Her lavani moves aren’t bad either. On a scale of impressing and disappointing, Rani has let us down most in Aiyyaa….so far. Guess we will have to watch the whole movie to give our final verdict on the Aga bai babe.

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  • kowshik

    Now tell us who is bribing you?
    a)Vidya Balan
    b)Siddharth R. K.

    • RALPH

      And who ARE YOU???

      I bet u are miss fat and ugly and old rani herself.

      • jesi

        Rani is 34, but she look younger than her old. How about u? Justly, U look older tah your old baby! hahaahhh. Do u jealous with her?

        • Sapna

          rani is tde best actress ans she supperb in dance, its the fact

      • Ashutosh

        Wo Rani nahi be.. Tera asli baap hai… jisko teri maa talaash kar rahi thi apne 3000 boyfriends mein. Ja jaake pair pakad aur maafi maan suwar ki aulaad

  • sidharth

    perfectly said by kowshik…. who s bribing u to write negative abt rani… u freekin guys learn somethin abt cinema first den write any article.. dnt dare to do again

  • MajaRani

    wooooow very shock with this web.. everything about rani always bad n bad..

    kya hua? have you problem?? or you can not distinguish which artists and which amateurs?

    vidya act good. but she still did a lot of monotonous and yet another role.
    why do not you want to highlight films that clearly vulgar and has no elements of art at all???
    is obvious you write an article just to drop the name of good n Rani’s career.. stupid web!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MajaRani

    before becoming an editor of a web. you should learn about acting. unless you get paid to drop Rani career. I can only pray, God gives punishment for the loser.

  • Jayesh

    You people are the actual crap ones…just demoting Aiyyaa….Rani had said that her role is crazy,mad….. instead of seeing the promo, u people likes to acceept bribery and do make out all the cons even if there aren’t so…U people better
    shut this thing…

  • Mitha

    The best best best for Rani in Aiyyaa..
    Acting,naugthy,funny ,superb,perfect & awesome..
    The dancing her,wowwwwww amazing fabolous
    Especially the belly dancing .!
    Rani, she is gorgeous..
    Ur the best
    Dont worry about her(hater)..
    We are still&always support u Rani & we’re behind u forever..
    Love Rani

  • Surjo

    Pathetic article all i can say! now you guys dont have any other work without subotaging Rani every single day..SHAME! Just wait till 12th october & you will get your answer..

  • Yasmin

    Please do not vilify Rani is enough
    I can only pray, God gives punishment for the loser.

  • raj

    slut fat vidya balan and her gay boyfriend sid roy kapoor has paid bollylife a hefty amount to write negative articles on rani,freaking loser u better understand that vidya cant dance to save her life,she is a horrible dance,dont compare our queen of dancing with that stupid overrated vidya

    • Poornima

      This stupid bengali fat ugly girl is soooo jealous of the national award winnning, number 1 actress vidya, that its PATHETIC.. THE ONLY REASON RANI IS STILL IN BWOOD IS BECAUSE OF ADITYA BHOPRA

      • jesi

        So stupid u are.. She get awards for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Yuva, No One Killed Jessica, Black. Those film is have no a relete with Aditya.
        Pls, see her acting.. U will know that she is a most talented actress darling.
        Don’t u know that Vidya ever say that she is a fans of Rani. And She is ever called as Rani wannabe??
        Plz, watch your television n read magazines yahh. Hahah. Stupid stupid. Take a pity on u darling..

      • Ashutosh

        You’re one of those junior artists who kept getting laid but never landed a role, aren’t you? I am sure you’re a frustrated wreck.

  • shrushti

    I am not amazed to see bad press for rani,I have heard vidya is always on the phone buttering the journo’s,even she sleeps with some of them for giving good publicity to her and defame her rivals like rani and kareena,rani is a self sufficient actress who doesnt’ believe in oiling the media,but these journalists dont appreciate talent..if only they could appreciate rani’s hardwork in the movie..

    • Rajiv

      This must be rani herself.. actually all these comments looks like by tht same person… rani..lol.. what a loser..

      • Ashutosh

        …and you must be Vidya Balan??? Pleased to meet you.

  • Tami Shona

    what? you are not wrong?
    How dare you!!!
    Miss Rani never disappoints!!!
    the truth is you who have let down my queen, Rani Mukherji and we are the Ranians!!!!

    * so emotional

    • sonia

      hello Rani.. why are you sooo obssessed about whats being written about you?

  • Ralph

    She is a DISASTER!!! TRYING TO COPY VIDYA.. NOT GONNA WORK.. please someone kick her out of bollywood.

    • Sean

      What do you say? Hey, Do u know that Vidya ever called Rani wannabe??
      Aiyyaa is film by Sachin n Anurag, not directed or written by Rani baby.
      Rani’s acting n dancing more than Vidya. Lets watch Rani’s 3 item song.
      Rani sign Aiyyaa in earLy 2011 after No One Killed Jessica release. But she reject The Dirty Picture in 2011 too because it is very very vulgar. And then it is given to Vidya as second choice. U know Vidya is the second choice baby.

      Queen is back.. The most awarded queen of Bollywood (Black, Hum Tum, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Yuva, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Veer Zaaa, No One Killed Jessica, etc). Come on, she get 7 award in filmfare for best actress, best critic, n best supported. See her awards in IIFA, Anandalok, Zee Cine, etc too. U will feel amazed about her. See her dance too in Saawarya, Dil Bole Haddipa, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Aiyyaa, etc too. U will feel more amazed about her.
      Don’t be refuted it. U will fall in love with her baby..

      • Rani is ugly

        Shut up! I agree with the person above you! Rani IS a copy cat.. nothing else.. SHE IS EXTREMELY JEALOUS OF VIDYEA!

        RANI IS A LOSER.

  • rehan

    aiyyaa is going to be blockbuster, rani always mesmerizes me..
    REVIEWER is pathetic,, AIYYAA will be a big slap to all her critics,,vidya aunty, can only do serius roles, versatility is nt knwn to her,, m glad QUEEN IS BACK to claim her throne,, RANI ROCKS,,,

    • Sania

      Wow, I agree with u. She is so talented n full of spirit.

  • Annisa Rahma

    very.very crazy ,,
    aiyyaa and rani is the best ..
    the dancing and acting so amazing ..

    always give support for RANI and her film ..
    LOVE u Rani

  • TrieputreiR

    Rani is awesome women
    she is beautiful

    we love rani mukherjee forever
    you know??

  • dan zyztematic

    Just saw a Kia commercial just like it this is more entertainment style we are looking for…

  • gurmeet


    • Sonia

      ABSOLUTELY not.. we even have a Rani Mukharji Hate club here which consist more than 2000 members.

      • gurmeet

        haha dikhao toh zara
        mujhe b bhi pata lage ke wo 2000 haters hain ya nahi
        and agar hain bhi toh 2cr. fans pe bhari padenge ?
        freaking sonia go and get urself checked :D

  • Yueyy

    stupid page!

  • sonal singh

    she improvd a lot…we can see lot of changes…..good overall.