Ranveer has no time for dating!

The Band Baaja Baraat actor goes on record to say that he’s single and ready to mingle

Despite making a great entry into Bollywood with Band Baaja Baaraat, Ranveer Singh has been more in the news for his relationships than for his performance. First it was his friendship with Anushka Sharma that became the talk of the town. Then Sonakshi Sinha made statements about how hot she thought the Singh-boy was, starting off a whole set of stories about how these two young actors have a crush on each other. Soon Anushka decided to move on from her close friendship with Ranveer and now Sonakshi, too, has decided to distance herself from the actor too. Looks like the Casanova reputation isn’t really doing any good for the BBB star’s image anymore. No wonder then that the actor is now putting out statements to prove that he’s not here only to romance his leading ladies, but to take his career seriously as well. “It amuses me, the amount of curiosity that surrounds my love life. I do have friends in the industry, and a lot of them are female, but I’m not dating any of them. I am only interested in building my career right now. Love will happen when it has to. I’m not looking for it, but if it happens, it happens,” he said in a recent interview. Perhaps all the recent complications and rejections in his love life have put him in a retrospective mood. Nevertheless, his announcement on his single status could encourage some other young gals in B-town to approach him. Or so Ranveer must be hoping!