Ranveer Singh beats Ranbir Kapoor to replace Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss 8?

Thu, January 30, 2014 1:40pm IST by
Ranveer Singh beats Ranbir Kapoor to replace Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss 8?

Apparently the Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl actor will step into Salman’s shoes as the host of Bigg Boss 8

Ranveer Singh seems to be giving the leading Khans of Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan a run for their money. While there is a strong rumour that the Ram-Leela actor has replaced SRK in Aditya Chopra’s next directorial venture, now we hear that Ranveer has also replaced Salman as the host of Bigg Boss 8. Yes, you read that right! With that the Gunday actor has beaten Ranbir Kapoor, who was also being considered to host the next season by the makers of the high voltage reality show.

Wethinks that Ranbir would have been a very apt replacement for the Dabangg Khan considering the two have a lot in common including their girlfriend Katrina Kaif and of course the casanova image.

However, now that Ranveer will step into Salman‘s shoes as the host of Bigg Boss 8, we wonder if his no-holds-barred candor and his infectious charm will work for the show. Anyway, according to the grapevine, Ranveer is in talks with the production house that has the rights of Bigg Boss, and reportedly it’s highly possible that he will sign on the dotted line. Watch this space for the latest update on this one!

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  • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

    i always say this, be real with your website, this doesn’t make sense at all, when did Ranbir said he wanted to replace salman, because Ranveer is dating Deepika so now you take Ranveer side, that tells me you guys are cheap and senseless

    • Pritasha

      Dudeeee ur 100% right!

  • guest

    Honestly, I would take Ranveer over Salman any day. However, I believe that Farhan Akhtar would be the best host for Bigg Boss. Think about it: witty, charismatic, observant, he isn’t afraid to say what he wants and most of all he’s EXTREMELY intelligent. Also, he’d be able to see all sides of a situation/person because he’s a director. Not to mention, he’s hot as hell. Too bad, he has better things to do.

    • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

      if you see him as hot then so sorry, he is far hot, he have a ok look, not a handsome look, salman is 49 years, but still look handsome and sexy

      • Rahat

        you are 100% right Najat.

      • guest

        ummm, that is your opinion. personally, i find Farhan Akhtar wayyyyyy better looking than Salman. not sure why you’re trying to put your opinion on me.

        • http://bollywoodlife.com/ Najat Razak Mumuni

          because of what you said, sorry but he is not handsome like salman, Farhan Akhtar is just 40 but he look like 49,

          • guest

            THATS YOUR OPINION. Do you not understand English?

          • guest

            But clearly speaking with you is a waste of time because you didn’t even respond to the point of entire comment. I listed many characteristics and personality traits that would make him a better host; yet, you refuse to respond to any of those. Instead you’re stuck on the one line.

      • sameer khan

        100% right

  • deep gupta

    agar salman ki age ranbir aur ranveer tarah hoti in logo ko kahi v jaga nhi milti………..
    fir v salman is age me v khud ko update aur alag rakhha hay

    • sameer khan

      100% r8…

  • Bandy Banerjee

    Nobody can match salman. They can only copy him. That’s it.

  • Makarand Umarji

    ranveer singh is only 4-5 films old i guess, let him prove his legacy & consistency.Nobody can beat khans however there films would be! There consistency is unmatchable! To early to talk i guess!

  • sameer khan

    Nobody can match 50% of salman.