Ranveer Singh: Deepika Padukone has the potential of being an all-time legend!

Ranveer Singh: Deepika Padukone has the potential of being an all-time legend!

The Lootera actor is certainly smitten by his ladylove

Ranveer Singh just cannot stop singing praises of his girlfriend Deepika Padukone. The actor in a recent interview went on to call Dippy a legend. Now, RS going ga-ga about his girlfriends is not new. Even after his break-up with Band Bajaa Baraat heroine the actor lauded his co-star. So here’s Ranveer in a tell-all mode about Deepika Padukone…

“I believe that she (Deepika) is among the best actresses in the film industry. She has the potential of being an all-time legend. She has held a steady graph. She did well in Cocktail, better in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, still better in Chennai Express and even better in Ram-Leela. Look at me. Is there any consistency? I was lost at one point. Sometimes I do well and sometimes not. She’ll be a game-changer one day. She has a lot of kindness in her. She’s a genuine person. She’s gifted, in that she can judge people well. Her sixth sense is strong. She’s a strong person too,” he said in a recent interview to a glossy.

Not so long ago Mr Singh had spoken highly about Anushka Sharma, he said, “Anushka taught me so many things about the medium and acting. I was fortunate to have her as my co-star. She was one of the biggest influences. Anushka taught me a lot since I was only a beginner. She taught me everything that a novice needs to know before giving his first shot.”

Well, now with the trio, Anushka-Ranveer-Deepika together on the cruise for Dil Dhadakne Do shoot in Barcelona we hope that Anushka isn’t offended with Ranveer’s legend remark to describe his current girlfriend.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Terminator

    Ah!! Friends with benefits

    Deepika is one of the most over hyped star ever… He at the best is an average actress.What’s the big deal about 4 100 crores movie … Sonakshi did 3 100 crores in 2012.. Deepika still is a baby in front of actresses like priyanka, vidya and kareena..Plz don’t call her a game changer..The tag should go to Vidya balan.. 2005 debut and a Padma shri in 2014.. Phenomenal achievement for an actress .

    Deepika in 2013 honestly didn’t had any competition except for sonakshi…she was competing with actresses such as sonam kapoor,sharadha kapoor,parineeti chopra for best actress award…Do you think an average actress like deepika would hv won a prestigious award like Filmfare if priyanka,vidya ,kareena had a good year… Let us see if she can beat priyanka(mary kom),kareena(singham) ,Kangana (queen )and Vidya(Bobby jasoos) this year..

    As for Mr Ranveer Singh, one of the most cheapest actor ever…ram leela sucess is over hishead.. Realy needs to control his attitude..

    “At another party, he kept blowing air kisses at Priyanka & Kareena !

    He was staring at Priyanka’s cleavage at a Gunday’s promotional event. The same with Kajol’s sister Tanisha at Vogue’s Event.

    I always carry a condom in my wallet: Ranveer Singh.Only a cheapster will say such a comment.

    He is Sarakchap and need to be taught a lesson..

    • sammy

      Couldn’t have said it better dude. Both are below avg & big cheapsters

      • seema

        all u are urself cheapsters of first grade. if deepika was not talented than personalities like big b, salman, sridevi. young boys like siddharth would have not drooled over by her beauty and wished to get cozy with her at national chat show. deepika has made a mark for herself by her talent and hard work not like katrina or vidya by showing there skin in front of world in third class movies like boom or dirty picture. u all bloody sluts can just go to hell and wash ur faces.

    • Arya

      Of course Deepika is a gamechanger. You have to think why priyanka and others was not chosen for the roles which was taken by deep..She had done well last year and got many awards…It is not her problem whether she had any competition/not..She deseves it…Let’s see who wins this year…Anyway I want the best to win

      • Terminator

        Abey Gadhe.. Gamechanger ka matlab pata hai ?

        What has she changed in bollywood ?

        Do you know why aamir khan is called “gamechanger ” or “Mr. perfectionist”.. He changed the whole vision of bollywood cinema. Deepika hasn’t done anything that changed the vision of bolywood

        Chennai express was offered to kareena first and deepika luckily got it and won dara singh award for worst accent..

        As for ram leela she was good but sonakshi’s lootera performance was no less ..

        People like u overhype her.. Kareena, priyanka and vidya are way ahead of her

        • aisha

          Friends with benefits, u took the words right out of my mouth.
          Dp is a pretty lady, she is a capricorn like Salman and Hrithik. Capricorns normally find it easy to make money it’s in their star i guess and that will probably sustain her in the industry plus her ability to know who to team up with and when.
          She can act, but when it comes to talent and entertainment there are other actresses who are way ahead of her. Not just in acting but the ability to entertain 4 eg look at SRK, he may not be the best actor but no doubt he grew over the years however, he is the undisputed ultimate entertainer there’s hardly ever a dull moment when he is on screen be it in interviews, talk shows movies whatever, he has maintained a steady graph 4 more than 25yrs and now he is conquering sports entertainment thanks to his team. Believe me i am not an ardent fan but he’s awesomeness is somthing i can’t deny but this can’t say for Dp and yet she is compared to him, truth be told she is hyped. She is likable but i would like her more if she wasn’t so hyped.

          • seema

            in terms of vidya i agree she is a phenomenol actress but i didnt like her skin show in dirty picture. talking about then revind ur memory and remember that before fashion priyanka was known oly for beauty, fashion glamed up her career that was too after 8 years of her career whereas deepika established herself suitable for best actress awards within 6 years she has earned alot with her hard work and talent.she didnt had a mentor but still rules btown.and i beleive that she will rule btown in coming 100 years.

      • rrrr

        lmao which role are u toking about? Deepika survives in movies rejected by kareena, katrina, anushka, vidya and priyanka. She is and will always remain a seond choice sweet herat :)

  • guest

    am i the only one seeing the sarcasm in RS’s words…….lol….hes clearing saying she’s overated :p

    • seema

      hahahaha people like rs always say staright words that are not digested by insecure and frustrated flakes like u and then u comment as overrated. overrated is a word used for fuckrina, nothing more than a bloody item girl become successful with her skin show and dance moves. deepika has been appreciated from legends like big b and sridevi. world will believe them more than stupid dumb insecure people like u.

  • Terminator

    Great Sixth sense that why Ranbir fooled her for almost an year

    • seema

      rk and dp were seperated bcz of bitch fuckrina.world knows that u dumb

  • ellena

    deepika padukone is the best actress i have ever seen.why all of u r so jealous of her.she wins many prizes for her performance in bollywood and everone believes that deepika is the best actress.so let her enjoy her life.

    • DDD

      mANY? this is the 1st time she won best actress awards.