Posted Fri, August 5, 2011 2:20pm IST

The actor reveals why he is not dating his Band Baaja Baaraat co-star even though he is attracted to her

Are Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh romantically involved? The done-to-death debate got a fresh lease of life when Ranveer admitted to Simi Garewal on her chat show that he is attracted to Anushka, but they are not dating. When asked how he could resist her, Ranveer replied, “It’s not easy. Look at her. She’s beautiful. She’s a stunner…She is this most amazing amalgamation of beauty and talent and intelligence and wit…I am awestruck by her!” Wow! Now that’s refreshing, since most people would have come up with something like “we are just friends”, right?

So why isn’t he dating her? “I do get attracted to her at times. It’s hard (to stay away). I am not good enough to be Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend. She’s so beautiful; I am not that good looking. She’s so talented; I am not so talented… she deserves someone better than me and that’s why I would not put her through me. I think Anushka deserves better than me. I am not good for Anushka… period.” Oh, Ranveer! While he bares his heart, he also agrees with Anushka’s take on him. “We are completely different people, we can’t stand that about each other, I can’t stand that there is a person like Anushka and she can’t stand that there is a person like me, and that we are put face to face by things that are not in our control.” But that will not stop him from making to love to her – onscreen that is. “I can do the sex scene with Anushka again (they did it in BBB, remember?), because she’s a very supportive co-star.” Hey, this whole ‘Are they or are they not?’ debate just got more interesting, no!

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