Ranveer Singh: In Hollywood, my favourite is Deepika Depp or Johnny Padukone!

Seems like the Ram-Leela actor is obsessed with his co-star

Ranveer Singh is certainly is smitten by his onscreen love interest, we ain’t saying so, the star himself said in a recent interview. So, obsessed is Ranveer with Deepika Padukone that he can only think of his co-star and alleged real life girlfriend even when he thinks of Hollywood actors, “I have been collecting fedoras since I was a kid. I love hats. I love different sh*t. I dislike the preppy stuff — clean shaven, polo T-shirt, loafers etc. I like anything that’s distinctive. Besides, I love Johnny Depp. I could count him as one of my favourites. Deepika is my favourite. Even in Hollywood, it’s Deepika Depp or Johnny Padukone.”

Ranveer Singh