Ranveer Singh or Poonam Pandey – Whose ‘Do the Rex’ video is sexier? Vote!

Ranveer Singh or Poonam Pandey – Whose ‘Do the Rex’ video is sexier? Vote!

After Ranveer grabbed the eyeballs for his ‘Do the Rex’ video promoting condoms, Ms Pandey found her opportunity and came out with an erotic spoof

Ranveer Singh made the masses go crazy with his ‘Do the Rex’ condom ad. His fun, mad and quirky antics has indeed triggered a craze of sorts and made him the sex symbol of Bollywood. To an extent that Poonam Pandey, who is notoriously famous f or striptease got inspired by the Gunday actor and came up with her version of ‘Do the Rex’. In the video, the Nasha babe is seen dancing in a skimpy gold bikini top and short micro mini skirt in her usual attempt to be the ultimate seductress.

Now that both Ranveer and Ms Pandey have their own versions of ‘Do the Rex’, we couldn’t help but compare the two. While Deepika Padukone’s alleged boyfriend’s version has him rapping and promoting sexual awareness in a way never seen before, Poonam’s version on the other hand looks all sexy and erotic.

So tell us BollywoodLifers, out of the two, whose video is catchier? Vote!

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  • milan227

    I don’t know why u guys pay so much attention to poonam pandey. She’s just a cheap, publicity seeking wannabe. And Ranveer is wayyyy classier than she is. They are not comparable. They are not even on the same level of existence.

  • manny

    how can u compare that sleaze performance to a classier performance of ranveer’s it’s uncomparable